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Feb 12 2018

Come play FFG’s big new Star Wars miniatures wargame right now! This is the biggest new product to hit the industry – come see for yourself!

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Star Wars LEGION – Game 1 & Talk Show (watch LIVE NOW)

Everyone has been waiting for LEGION to arrive. This is IT ladies and gentlemen. For years people have been dreaming of what it would take for a new tabletop wargame to muscle it’s way into the sci-fi genre, dominated for decades by 40K. Today decide for yourself with a game backed by the financial might of Asmodee-FFG and with the most powerful sci-fi license on the  planet – Star Wars.  The rules and minis are solid. We are playing a full game for you all – and following up with a talk show to talk all about it.  Join us!

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Author: Larry Vela
  • Star Wars Legion Is Coming and I am Ready