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SW Legion: The Next Rebel Units We Need

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Feb 23 2018

Lets take a look at the units FFG should add to Star Wars Legion.

Star Wars Legion is looking like its going to be off to a great start. We’ve got a whole line up of releases coming down the pipeline. The game however is still in its early days (technically its not even out!) so while the two factions, Rebels and Imperials, are a good base neither is fully flushed out. Currently each faction has access to six units. While this is a good start it is really just a bare bones list. In order to be successful the game is going to have to flush out the armies And give you choices. Lets take a look at the units that FFG should and could add to Legion next.

The Basics

Legion armies are broken down into 5 different ranks as detailed below:


In order to be a flushed out an army needs to be able to fill every slot and have at least two options per slot, three or more is even better. Currently we have a good idea of what kind of units might go in each slot except Special Forces. Starting with the Rebels lets talk about what units could be added to flush out the army.

What the Rebels Have

Currently their are 6 units announced for the Rebels.

  • 2 Commanders, Luke and Leia,
  • 2 Corps units, Fleet Troopers and Rebel Troopers,
  • 1 Support unit, the AT-RT
  • 1 Heavy unit the T-47 Airspeeder.

That’s 6 total units. In order to flush out the list we want to have 3 options in each Rank, except for Heavy, which will have two options. This will give us a total of 14 units for the army with some good options. Lets take a look at what those options should be.

Major Derlin


Major Derlin would fill out the roll of the 3rd Rebel Commander. Derlin was a Rebel commander at both the Battles of Hoth and Endor. He could fill out the role of a more regular army Rebel commander. He’s an easy add and will let the Rebels play a game without having to take a Skywalker.

Rebel Hoth Troopers

Hoth Troopers are the obvious third corps choice for the Rebels and pair well with Derlin. They proved a different take on the standard Rebel troopers. As they are more a defensive unit they could come with some heavier support weapons. They also make a good counterpart to the Imperial Snowtroopers and would allow for recreations of the Battle of Hoth.

Han and Chewy

While we can’t be certain what role Special Forces will play we can guess they will be smaller elite infantry units. It’s also a sure bet that Han and Chewy will make their way to Legion. That being said what better role for them to fill than as an elite combat unit, let they run around and have action. Just make sure Han has something that lets him shoot first.


Bothan Spies

A classic Rebel unit that doesn’t fit into a lot of other roles, the Bothan Spies would be great to see on the table. Not only could they get some awesome special abilities but you would always get to talk about how many died to bring you victory! Included them would also help cement the Rebels as a faction of many species and be very visually distinctive.

Rebel Pathfinders

From Scarif to Endor Pathfinders are the elite commandos of the Rebel Alliance. These iconic Rebel troops have lead the way in many battles and are the most obvious choice for a Special Forces unit. I would like for FFG to go with the Rogue One version of them, rather than the RoTJ version as the Rogue One unit contained a number of non-humans which I think is a great touch. Either way this is one of those units I just cant wait to get on the table at some point.

The P Tower

Another Classic Rebel unit the P Tower is a light fixed anti-vehicle unit.  This unit would make a great second support unit. It could be similar to the AT-RT but trading the ability to move for a slightly better gun.  Not only would it look cool and add to your Hoth Battles, but it could be a good counter to heavy Imperial armor.



This one is a little more funky, but a great 3rd support unit for the Rebels would be some kind of landsppers, like the V-35. This could play a role as a light transport. The unit wouldn’t even need to be armed, just able to quickly transport units around the table and provide cover. this single unit would be a great support to the army and open up some big possibilities for the game.

The AAC-1 Speeder Tank

This classic rebel hover tank bring the firepower with both laser cannons and rocket racks. Able to pack a punch this would be a heavy counterpart to the AT-ST and provide us with a real battle tank. It would fill a nice place as the heavy hitter of the Rebel force.

Bonus: Ewoks

I’m sure its only a matter of time before Ewoks are added to Legion. Based on their movie performance I assume they will be a Rebel heavy unit with some serious anti-tank capabilities. Lets hope they include the option for the glider and for Nanta and Romba.


Well that’s it for the Rebels, later we will take a look at the Imperials and what units they will need to flesh them out.


Let us know what units you want to see in Star Wars Legion, down in the comments! 

Author: Abe Apfel
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