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Wyrd: Undying Box – The Golem is a Grave Danger

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Feb 23 2018
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This heavy enforcer literally turns the battlefield, and the dead, into a weapon.

Wyrd has given us a look at Manos and the Mourners and Manos and his Mourners. Today we get a look at a walking graveyard used as a heavy enforcer by the Resurrectionists.

During battle, a Grave Golem can sink into the earth and reappear a few moments later halfway across the battlefield, provided that there is a corpse for the golem to form around. That something so large could move so quickly often comes as a surprise to the golem’s enemies, many of whom end up either battered to death by its massive Tombstone Fists or buried in a landslide of corrupted earth and grasping skeletal arms.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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