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Daughters of Khaine: Here Come The Harpies

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Feb 22 2018

The Khinerai are flying in to steal hearts and slice up their enemies – Not even the skies are safe from the daughters of Khaine!

We’ve gotten the low down on the Shadow Queen, we’ve taken a look at the serpentine Melusai, and now we’re getting a better look at the flying threat – the Khinerai!

via Warhammer Community

“The Khinerai are winged aelves, descending from the skies to enact the wrath of the Shadow Queen, wherever her enemies hide…”

There are two groups of Khinerai – the Lifetakers and the Heartrenders. Each with their own unique twist on Khaine’s aggression.

“Heartrenders are the second ranged unit to be added to the Daughters of Khaine, but while the Blood Sisters are patient, long distance combatants, the Khinerai Heartrenders excel at hit-and-run attacks.”

The Heartrenders have three abilities that really highlight their mobility and deadliness:


Descend to Battle allows this unit to deploy in any of your movement phases. You can have them wait to strike when the moment is right or drop in to create a distraction for your opponent to deal with.

Death From Above combos really well with their ability to drop in an the right time as it ups their rend on the unit’s Barbed Javelins to -2 on the turn it was setup.

And finally, Fire and Flight makes this unit uniquely difficult to pin down. On a 4+, this unit can move an additional 6″ after it’s made it’s shooting attacks. That seems pretty handy to me!

Next up are the Khinerai Lifetakers who are bit more straight forward in attacking their foes.


“If you’re looking to face the foe more directly, Khinerai Lifetakers fill a similar role to their sisters, except in melee. Like the Khinerai Heartrenders, these elite ambushers can set up in reserve before descending to the battlefield, but they’ll receive a hefty bonus every turn they charge rather than just when they’re set up.”

Swapping out Javelins for Sickles, these ladies will bring the pain every time they get a charge off! The still have Decend to Battle as well; No units will be safe from the fury of the Daughters of Khaine!

Beware the sound of leathery wings in the shadows above…


What do you think of the new Harpies – The Khinerai in the Daughters of Khaine army? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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