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40K: Codexes – Who’s Next?

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Mar 16 2018

There is a line of codexes waiting to be unleashed on the tabletop – but who’s next? We have some theories.

The Tau are hitting shelves this weekend. The Necrons are coming out by the 31st of this month and we know the Drukhari were announced with them – so they are probably in April. But who’s after them? Well, let’s take a look at what’s left and see if we can’t narrow it down.

The Last Batch…


Who Still Needs a Codex

Going based off the Chapter Approved and the Indexes we can make an educated guess at the likely candidates:

  • Adeptus Sororitas
  • Harlequins
  • Orks
  • Genestealer Cults
  • Imperial Knights
  • Space Wolves
  • Deathwatch


These specific armies had mentions in the Chapter Approved 2017 under the faction rules. That’s pretty telling that GW plans on doing something with these specific factions. It could be a splash release but it’s more likely that these factions are going to get their own codexes in the future.

So based on those assumptions, let’s see if we can rate the likely hood of what’s next.


1 – Imperial Knights

Imperial Knights are on the top of my list for who’s up next. Why? Well other than all the Rumor Engines GW has been putting out touting robotic parts, we’ve already seen at least one new unit – the Knight Armiger Warglaive:

It’s seems odd that GW would release this model without a “home” codex, doesn’t it? While the pairing of it with the Ad Mech makes a lot of sense, it’s still…fishy. If the Ad Mech didn’t already have a codex, I would have picked them but they do, and that really only leaves this with one other place it could fit logically – the Imperial Knight Codex.

On top of that the Knight Codex doesn’t seem like it would take a ton of work in terms of rules adjustments. Why? Because pretty much all the Knights are already in the Ad Mech book anyways. So maybe, in theory, GW could release a new Ad Mech book…but doesn’t a new Imperial Knight Codex seem more plausible?

2 – Orks

I can’t think of a Codex I want to see more after this current wave than Orks. They’ve got one of the most complete lines from GW in terms of units-in-slots. They have needed a good looking at for a while now and I’m hopeful that GW will treat them right with a proper codex soon. But overall, if I were GW, Orks would be in the next batch for sure.

They fit the mould better than any other army in the list as well. Think about it – their “Chapter Tactics” would just be different Ork Clan. They already have a ton of cool characters from Ghaz to Wazdakka (and more). We really just need rules/point adjustments to make them compete in 8th and they are ready to hit the ground running. Bring on the Orks – Bring on the WAAAGH!!!!


3 – Genestealer Cults

Look, I’m biased being a bit partial to the Genestealer Cults, but I think they make the most sense with the next batch. Why? Well, If the Knights are a shoe-in, and Orks should be in the group, then the GSC works because 1) it’s not Imperial and 2) it’s got a decent sized model line behind it as well. Plus they can ally with AM and can be used in Necromunda, too! It’s actually a great gateway army into other things and to top it off, it sets-up the lead in to my next proposed wave…

4 – Deathwatch

The GSC/Deathwatch connection is pretty clear. Plus Overwatch is pretty fun. The Deathwatch Codex would also be a relatively small release so it fits those splash release books (a la Grey Knights). While it would be cool to seem them get a little more filled out, I don’t think they are going to get any new kits. They might get some new characters/HQ options, but those will probably be based on their current set of kits. Plus the Deathwatch also have another connection to my next pick…

5 – Harlequins

Death Masque was a limited run, but it was a neat little combo box that tied the Deathwatch and Harlequins into the meta-story of what was happening in the background before the Gathering Storm. While I don’t think GW should re-release it (as those events have already “happened” in the background), Harlequins should get a book – and maybe it will be combined with some of the Ynnari stuff as well. GW could use that opportunity to clean-up the Aledari faction and expand the story line a bit more – without killing all the eldar.

6 – Space Wolves

Space Wolves at 6? Yep – because at this point it will probably be late summer/fall and GW can use Space Wolves as a big sales bump after they do their yearly financials. Starting off their next fiscal year with a strong sales bump helps take the pressure off the rest of the year as they can hopefully ride that high. Then again, GW could just rapid fire all these releases and have them all out by the summer, just in time for the 1 year anniversary of 8th. But that’s still a big win. Besides, if the rumors are correct, then the Space Wolves are going to be getting some love later this year anyways.

7 – Adeptus Sororitas


Look, nothing against the Sisters of Battle, but everyone knows they are the Heralds of the End-times. As soon as they get a book, the next edition is probably a couple of weeks away. It’s happened before and it will happen again!

That’s my best guess as to what order the next batch of Codexes will come out – what do you think? What order do you think they will come out and why?


Author: Adam Harrison
  • Dark Apocrypha: Worlds Burn, Daemons Invade