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40K RUMORS: Abaddon, Primarchs & …Kroot?

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Mar 14 2018

This new batch of 40K Rumors is too wild to ignore – check out the latest from the rumor mill!

If your doctor has recommended you cut down on your sodium intake, you might want to avoid these rumors because they come with a HEAVY dose of salt. Regardless, these are so wild we had to bring them to light because the possibility them being true makes them worth hearing.

Gonna need more than just a pinch with these rumors…


via Soldier of Dorn (Bolter & Chainsword)

New Black Legion will be in a boxed set with new Space Wolves, new Abbadon model and Chaos Chosen, plus a new Wolves character and some other stuff. End of year for the boxed set.

Angron and new Khorne will be coming too, although may be next year now. Angron is gonna be huge

Also here’s a big one: Kroot Codex. Hard to believe, but the source on this has never been wrong for me.


Russ is returning – old man Russ, looks a bit like Odin – and he will POSSIBLY have 2 forms like Morathi

Now, Soldier of Dorn is saying these came from another source who “predicted the Nurgle demons release a month before it was announced, along with knowing about the Death Guard/Primaris starter early and knowing about the new Knight back in November” – but even they are implying to take these with a load of salt. That said let’s break these down:

A new boxed set for the end of the year containing Black Legion & Space Wolves, including a new Abaddon and a new Space Wolves Character. This one seems plausible. When Wulfen were introduced, they originally came out of the Eye of Terror campaign. This could be an opportunity for GW to update some of the Chaos options, release a new Space Wolves Codex, and also get a bunch of sweet new kits. Plus it’s ambiguous enough that the “End of the year” time frame could mean October through December. And GW does typically have a big boxed set for that period.

I’ll take any excuse to hope for a new Abaddon model.

Angron in 2019? Again, it’s far enough out that it’s a solid “plausible.” Although, we may want to see how things shake out this year for Slaanesh. Could this be a new KDK update/release along with Angron or a full on World Eaters release? That’s unclear. However, based on the last couple Chaos Daemon Prince Primarchs of course Angron is gonna be huge!

A Kroot Codex!? Ok, stop the presses! I need to grab some water to help choke down all the salt I just had to take with this one. At the same time, I’m REALLY pulling for this to be true. Why? Because why the heck not!


Here’s a theory: The T’au need allies – they need other armies (aka Kroot) they can also ally with. The Imperial Soup and Chaos Coalition are pretty darn big. Aeldari/Drukhari/Ynnari are another faction that has some good synergies (if you cross those streams). Heck, even the Tyranids have some allies these days! But armies like Necrons, Orks, and T’au don’t have any other allies. Having a Kroot or Kroot Merc army could be a way for GW to allow them to team-up, even if it’s a pretty flimsy alliance.

And Finally “Old Man Russ” is returning. You know, this one doesn’t sound that crazy either. He’s been out and about the galaxy doing Primarch Stuff. But after the Cicatrix Maleditum ripped a hole through reality… maybe Russ thinks it’s about time to get off the sidelines. Plus, let’s be honest, Robbie G can’t hold the Imperium together solo. We need another Imperial Primarch and Russ would be a great fit.

I don’t know about that whole “two-forms” thing, but hey why the heck not! Maybe he wolfs out and turns into a bigger, meaner Russ. And if GW is looking to put out a bunch of new kits at the end of the year for Space Wolves, that seems like a good time for Russ to show up!

Again – these are all pretty salty rumors. But even if they all turn out to be wrong, at least it’s fun to dream. Then again…what if there is some truth to these rumors? Oh what fun we will have if they turn out to be correct!

New Russ Model? You’re right – he does look a little like Odin!


Which of these rumors do you think is likely? Which one(s) are causing your salt-reflexes to kick into high gear? 


Author: Adam Harrison
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