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Adepticon: What Will GW Reveal Tonight

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Mar 21 2018
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GW’s seminar is coming tonight at Adepticon–here’s what the smart money thinks is going to be there.

Adepticon is here folks, and that means that it’s time to brace yourselves for another round of announcements from GW. They’ve got their seminar scheduled for 8pm tonight, which means it’s about to get crazy for 40K. As they put it on Warhammer Community:

We’ve got what is quite possibly the biggest and best Studio Preview ever planned for AdeptiCon – and last year, we announced the new edition of Warhammer 40,000!

This is where the big stuff comes out folks. If you’ll recall last year they announced the Death Guard, and 8th Edition was coming up–but now that 8th Edition is well under way with their Codex rollout (and it’s been done real fast too) what else might we expect to see? We passed the proverbial hat around the BoLS offices, here’s what we came up with.

Warhammer 40K

It’s a safe bet that we won’t see 9th Edition announced at Adepticon (because the Sisters of Battle don’t have their Codex yet), but we will probably see the next three Codexes released. They’ve been coming out in batches of three, and of the current trio, only the Drukhari remain.

Speaking of, this seems like a great place to reveal more details about the Drukhari. I wouldn’t be surprised if they previewed the army at least a little–but what Codexes will we see next? We’re running out of options rapidly (which is a pretty good thing all things considered). My money is on Imperial Knights as one of the next three Codexes–the Armiger Warglaives have been presenting new options for Quaestors, and it seems like a pretty good time for giant robots.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Idoneth Deepkin have been officially teased. Now it’s time for them to be officially announced. Their teaser, along with the Daughters of Khaine and Malign Portents really make it feel like there’s some kind of larger scheme going on behind the scenes that we’ve only got a glimpse of.

Expect more details about this. This is real exciting, the Deepkin are Sea Elves (probably) and we’ll get to see what has shaped these aquatic creatures.

Specialist Games

Kill Team was recently announced at GAMA, we’ll probably see more about that–and more specifically the new, taller urban terrain kits that were pretty heavily featured in the video.



As far as Necromunda goes, we know that the Van Saar are next–they’ve been shown off at GAMA, and if we see anything about them, we’ll probably see more about their Gang War book–and possibly whichever house comes after them.

And then of course, it’s GW, so it’s a safe bet There Will be Blood (Bowl).

I drink your specialist games announcements

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get some kind of news about Adeptus Titanicus. In the meantime, let me reset the clock. So be sure and tune in tonight folks–BoLS will keep you up to date with the announcements from the Preview. It’s an exciting time folks–so brace for impact.

One day Titans… one day…


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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