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AoS: Idoneth Deepkin Coming in April White Dwarf

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Mar 28 2018

The sea-elves are making a splash in the upcoming April White Dwarf – come see the latest for the Idoneth Deepkin!

We’ve got a batch of new pics that have made the waves online for the new Idoneth Deepkin – let’s dive right in:

via Xavi Arnau (Disqus)

We get a first look at the cover of the new Order Battletome!

And we also get a glance at a new “Aspect of the Storm” which is the mounted-beastie coming to the model range.


We also have a few more pictures that were attributed to this forum, however they appear to have been taken down.

Games Workshop showed off quite a few shots of the models as well earlier this month:

via Warhammer Community



The Living Tidal Waves are coming to smash on the shores of your tabletop – The Idoneth Deepkin are heading your way!

Author: Adam Harrison
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