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AoS: The Prizefighter

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Mar 16 2018

The latest story from Malign Portents sets up just one. last. fight.

A battered prizefighter past his prime, missing an eye and left beaten down and drunk from a hard fought life is given a chance at eternity, of a sort. The latest story set in the Mortal Realms seems much smaller in scope–the last couple we’ve seen set up a conflict between Nagash and Morathi. Or Heralded the potential return of Slaanesh from the dark void where the dark prince of pleasures lays chained up. Waiting? Dying? Who knows!


We asked, and all Slaanesh said was yesssss, luridly. So we backed away slowly.

In contrast, this is a very small slice of life from the mortal realms. There’s a prizefighter, a crowd of bloodthirsty gamblers, and a man in a hoided robe–which, honestly, should have been the first sign that something dreadful was going to happen. Nothing good has ever come from a mysterious figure in robes and a hood.

Well. From a certain point of view, anyway.

But it does at the end set up the larger arc of what is coming. After all:


“There is just one more fight, Rodbul. It is against the living…”

…seems pretty telling. This guy is almost certainly aligned with Nagash, since there don’t seem to be rebel Necromancers or rogue undead–but a war against “The Living” seems pretty representative of what’s coming with the battles in Shyish. The Living and the Dead going at it–which is an interesting break from Chaos vs. Order at that. It all seems to be building towards a cataclysmic battle, but that’s kind of par for the course. I’m curious if these smaller stories are a sign of what else we can expect–smaller scale but interesting conflicts as well as the big world shaking ones.

At any rate, you can follow along with more stories, large or small as they unfold. And if you haven’t been, here’s where you can keep up to date on the latest happenings from the Dread Solstice. Right now we’re in week four of the global campaign… only two choices remain after this one. What wil come of everyone’s efforts? There’s only one way to find out.

Rodbul gives you wings!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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