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Morathi Finds Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

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Mar 2 2018

The scions of Order gather to prepare for war. Morathi displays her devotion to an ancient religion.

The Daughters of Khaine are technically a member of the Order faction. And in the latest Malign Portents story, they showcase their membership in that grand alliance by crashing a meeting in style. It all begins in the squabbling, politic-filled chambers of Heavenhall where the assembled 244 Lords, gather to argue and bloviate with all the pomposity one might expect of luminaries like:


Evandelle, Wallmistress of the High Artisans

Barragust, High Despot of the Order of Azyr

Osrua of the Gilded Abacus

…naturally absolutely nothing is getting accomplished. The fates of the Grand Conclave seem sealed, none can agree on the best way to stem the rising tide of undeath without first securing their own temporal power.

That’s when Morathi shows up–although, for a High Oracle, she shows little regard I’m indeed for ceremony and has patience for none of the honors placed at her feet (well, you know what I mean).


Instead she speaks with little interruption, save for one choked back outburst, as she pleads her case. War must come to Shyish, and Order must move as one. That seems to be the consensus. But how much of this is to serve Morathi’s purposes? As we’ve seen before, Nagash seems to have it out for her personally for taking not only souls but the Iron Heart of Khaine. She has been called out–and now seems poised to aim the entire Grand Alliance of Order at Shyish. What other purpose does this serve? Will all this slaughter somehow bolster her stolen power?

And, curiously silent throughout the entirety of the Time of Tribulations–Sigmar. We’ve heard from mortals on both sides of the fence. Seen how Nagash has risen up to offer succor and vengeance to those beset by Chaos and Murder. Where is the god behind the celestial portents that wend their way through the skies of the mortal realms? What can he be doing?

Next up, Morathi might conure up the stolen datatapes that show off the weakness of Nagash’s undeath star.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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