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Arkham Horror TCG: Tug At The “Threads of Fate”

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Mar 1 2018

The first Mythos Pack for Arkham Horror The Card Game Forgotten Age Cycle has been announced!

The Forgotten Age Cycle is the latest Mythos Cycle for Arkham Horror. It will take your investigators on a wild trip to the jungles of southern Mexico – and beyond. The first Mythos Pack for that cycle will continue the journey you started by bringing the adventure a little closer to home.

via Fantasy Flight Games


In perhaps the most immersive investigation in Arkham Horror: The Card Game so far, you must weigh your evidence, discuss your choices, and trust your instincts to decide which leads to follow and which to leave unexplored. You must choose between Three Fates (Threads of Fate, 114) as three tasks stand before you and you only have a limited amount of time before the trail goes cold. Where do you search first? Your adventure will be irrevocably shaped by the decisions you make, so choose carefully.

This new adventure has you returning to Arkham, seemingly empty handed. However, something has followed you back and whatever you did in the jungle, you have to reverse it! You’ll be presented with 3 different “paths” to choose – but time is against you. Choose your next steps wisely as they will have repercussions on the rest of your journey.

In this set, the branching campaign of Arkham Horror will really shine as there are 24 potential Act card – that is a LOT of options which will lead to a very different experience depending on how well players do and what options they take. There are 3 Act Decks in play at once – and depending on your previous choices and how you choose to proceed, those will all change and progress differently. Remember, advancing the Act Deck(s) are typically how an investigator “wins” a game…or rather, how they survive the scenario.


We won’t spoil any more of the adventure – but if you want to read ahead then you can pop over and read the full article from Fantasy Flight Games HERE. How will you choose to tug at the Threads of Fate?

New Allies and Upgrades

Ichtaca is a potential new ally. The Forgotten Guardian will help you gain valuable fighting prowess and evasion against some of the deadlier foes AND if can help you heal horror as wel.

Arcane Research is rare in that it costs you a mental trauma (you start each game with 1 mental damage which can be healed), but for paying that price the first spell card you upgrade between each scenario costs 1 less XP! Is that worth it to you? What if you take 2 of them…


Shrewd Analysis is a pretty potent upgrade card if taken early. This can really impact your deck construction however as the “upgraded” options are chosen at random – but you get 2 copies. Is that extra punch worth it to you? Decisions, decisions…

Threads of Fate $14.95

In The Forgotten Age, you journeyed deep into the rainforests of southern Mexico and made the discovery of a lifetime. Now, returning home, a peaceful respite is in order. But your relaxation is cut short when an uninvited guest arrives and tells you that the artifact you uncovered is not what is seems and now the entire Earth is in danger. Her wild claims suddenly become more believable as your world erupts into chaos. Three tasks stand before you at once: you must protect the relic from falling into the wrong hands, solve the mystery of a missing friend, and determine whether to trust your mysterious guest. The stakes are high and time is short- which will you pursue?

This new scenario throws you into the investigation like never before with three separate Act decks that are each in play simultaneously. With few leads and a limited amount of time before the trail runs cold, you must weigh your evidence to decide which leads to follow and which to ignore. Your choices will permanently shape your adventure throughout The Forgotten Age cycle, so you must choose wisely.


You have chosen…wisely.

Author: Adam Harrison
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