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GW: 40K Spring FAQ Delayed for Adepticon Feedback

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Mar 27 2018
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Today GW announced a delay in the March Warhammer 40,000 FAQ. Here’s the details.

via GW Facebook

We’re committed to making the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000 as awesome as ever, and so, we’re delaying the March FAQ a just little bit so we can integrate our findings from AdeptiCon with your feedback – stay tuned for further announcements…

Followed by:

Adepticon You Say???

The notable bit in there is the delay due to wanting to incorporate Adepticon feedback.  Now what would that mean?

Well, you can see the top 8 adepticon lists here and the winning list here.


In general Adepticon highlighted the power of:

  • Flying Hive Tyrants
  • Ever-multiplying Poxwalkers
  • Area denial and point denial Mucalid Tyranid Spores
  • Alpha Striking

I’ll leave it up to you to debated exactly what conclusions GW would draw from Adepicon and what corrections they should make to the game to take them into account.

~Have fun in the comments.



Author: Larry Vela
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