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STREAMING NOW – Necron Q&A – Necron vs Death Guard Game

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Mar 26 2018

This week on Dark Apocrypha – we start with a talk show and put Codex Necrons through its paces with a battle vs Death Guard!

This week on Dark Apocrypha…

Necron Week!



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Necron – Talk Show, Death Guard vs Necrons  (watch LIVE NOW)

Join us as we tear into Codex Necrons and take your questions with the book and an hour long Q&A. Then we take the angry robots and throw them against the the Death Guard. Who’s tougher?


Cryptk w. chrono- 85
Catacomb Command Barge w/ guass cannon, staff of light and res orb-203

20x Necron Warriors – 240
20x Necron Warriors – 240
20x Necron Warriors – 240

Lord w. Staff of light- 83
Ghost Ark- 160

Transcendent C’Tan – 225

1476 pts 6/6 cp


Death Guard

Typhus – 175

Choas Lord w/ power fist, bolt pistol – 86

20x Poxwalkers – 120

10x Plague Marines  3x plasma guns 229

10x Plague Marines w/ 1x Power Fist, 2x Fails of Corruption, 2x Mace of Contagion and Bubotic Axe,

5x 2x Plague Knives – 246

Tallyman – 67
Foul Blightspawn -77
Biologus Putrifier – 74
Foetid Bloat-drone w/ 2x plaguesplitters -133
Foetid Bloat-drone w/ 2x plaguesplitters – 133
Rhino w/ 2x combi-bolter -74
Rhino w/ 2x combi-bolter -74

1488 pts 6/6 cp 

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Author: Larry Vela
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