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GW’s Six Most Important Recent Minis

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Mar 1 2018

GW has cranking out the minis but these are really key for what the company can do.

I’m starting with the Launch of 40K 8th for an arbitrary line in the sand, but not limiting things to 40K.  Here’s the most important minis I think GW has put out and why:


We’ve already spoken at length about Mortarion. He’s giant, he’s insanely detailed and busy. His posing is fabulously done. He’s both grand and sinister in equal measure.  Truly a gold standard for what a “centerpiece” 40K mini for an army should aspire to. We’ll see if Fulgrim can top ole’ Morty.


Great Unclean One

Boy what a difference 20 years makes.  The new GUO is enormous, gross, yet easy to assemble. It has the GW hallmark of cunningly designed build options and cleverly hidden part lines resting mostly in recesses.  I think the GUO is a great example of the technical ability of GW to make such a large model by volume work on 2 sprues with such a low amount of parts.

Vertus Praetors

Not all stunning models have to be enormous.  The Custodes Jetbikes are all about design and style.  They are just dripping with coolness and elegance.  They don’t have the complexity or the technical detail of other kits – but like a sportscar to a teenager, you just can’t keep your eyes off the model.  A stunning design success.


Proof positive that GW is keeping the legacy of Warhammer Fantasy alive and kicking in the Age of Sigmar.  Morathi’s kit is every bit as impressive in design and execution as any other “big kit” from GW recently. I think it works better as a whole than any other AoS kit other than Nagash.  It’s a kit that feels like a trial run for Fulgrim and fires the imagination for the return of the other great characters from WFB to the Mortal Realms. Also nice high heels and hooked braids on little Morathi.

Myphitic Blight Hauler

I know, I know – your confused.  But hear me out. The Myphitic Blight Hauler was an intriguing kit.  It was a standalone “EASY BUILD” kit, without an accompanying “high detail” counterpart for the unit. Its just as detailed as any normal unit – but with a very small number of parts.  It was also DIRT CHEAP, clocking in at a mere $25.  In case you’re keeping track, that’s $8 less than an Imperial Assassin.  I think this was a pricing test and one I hope GW repeats.

Horticulous Slimux & Mulch

I can’t think of another mini that sums up GW’s new happy-go-lucky design sense than Nurgle’s Gardener.  I can’t even imagine GW releasing such a design in years past.  There is a sense of playfulness and joy that seems so out of place in the GW universes – yet it works.  More please.


~Agree, disagree, did we miss any of your recent favorites?


Author: Larry Vela
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