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HORDES: Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers

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Mar 8 2018

Today we check out the new minion sorcerers who cast spells like a boss.

What Is It?

Wow magic frog croak twins!  Kwaak + Gub is a minion character solo that costs 4 points. This new minion solo is throwing out some serious frog magic.  If you were jealous before of Cryx or Retribution solos that could spell sling, they really don’t have anything on Kwaak + Gub.  Looking to heal up your wounded gatormen or corrode the enemy troops? This new solo has the magic tricks for you.


What’s It Do?

Kwaak + Gub have some average stats at DEF12 and ARM15.  You will need to keep them safe from long range guns or they will likely go down quick.  They are a great support piece because of the Share the Load.  This allows them to do double the work of your standard solo.  2 Venoms can be sick if you are trying to snipe a specific model and don’t get it on the first try.  Another nasty ability they have is HEAL.  This takes it out of your warlocks hands to fix missing aspects and can keep wounded gatormen in the fight longer.  Mudfoot and Enliven are less of big game changers but, can be useful in random situations.



What’s a List for Kwaak + Gub?

This list relies heavily on shooting to get the job done.  Kwaak + Gub can get some real nasty venoms out with the help of signs and portents.  This lets you roll an additional die on attack/damage rolls. Throw in some extra healing on Jaga or her beasts you can keep them battling longer.  Kwaak + Gub really fit in well in this list.


Minion Army – 75 / 75 points
[Theme] The Blindwater Congregation

(Jaga-Jaga 1) Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer [+27]
– Blackhide Wrastler [16]
– Ironback Spitter [14]
Bog Trog Mist Speaker [0(4)]
Dahlia Hallyr [17]
Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers [0(4)]
Swamp Gobber Chef [1]
Croak Raiders (max) [16]
Croak Raiders (max) [16]
Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr [5]
Sacral Vault [17]

What Do I Think?

This new solo has a double personality. We like the double action spells here on BoLS.


It is a new kind of solo with some real new kind of thinking.  It is a really good solo at 4 points.  I think it should probably cost 5 but, it can die to a random POW10 with that low defense.

~What do you thinkof Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers? Please share in the comments below.

Author: Revenant
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