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P3 Painting – Satyxis Skin and Skarre

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Mar 18 2018

Paint your Satyxis up stylishly and see the finished Skarre in today’s painting videos.

That’s right folks, after a brief break, we’ve got the conclusion to the 3-part Skarre painting series, as well as tips on painting Satyxis skin from Privateer Press today. Let’s dive in–first up, that look at painting Satyxis in general:


This one is real interesting. They build the skin tone up from a desaturated blue to the purplish hue we all know and love.

The secret is a couple of translucent layers that gradually build the purple on, transforming the subtle blue into the rich purple.

A technique you could employ when working on your Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet. Speaking of whom:


This is the final part of a 3-part series that gets Skarre tabletop ready in about three hours–or longer. But it’s good practice if you’re wanting to build up your technique–you can practice along with the painting video. I find them kinda soothing, making it easier to focus while painting. And the in-progress Skarre looks amazing.

Missed out on the first two parts of the series? We’ve  got you covered friends.

And part one is linked below.

So get your Satyxis lookong stulish and stunning today. After all Skarre is admiral of the black fleet, and when she steps astride the helm of her massive ghost ship, she’s got to look her best while striking fear into the hearts of all who lay eyes upon her.


Of course, you’ll also want to get her boat looking shipshape, but fortunately for you, there’s a series of terrain painting videos that is conveniently enough, just perfect for painting up pirate ships. So hoist the black flag, and also the mizzenmast, and get to painting.

Happy painting folks! And remember, Skarre is more of a wonter, for certain, so keep that in mind with your color schemes.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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