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PP: Designing the Fierce Totem Huntress

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Mar 2 2018

Get a behind the scenes look at this month’s Mini-Crate miniature!

Today’s Insider is from art director Mike Vaillancourt. He shares designer Andrea Uderzo’s process working on the latest Mini-Crate character – the Totem Huntress, a new take on the Totem Hunter.


In Andrea’s first round of sketches, I immediately latched onto sketch 2. The even balance between heavily detailed areas and areas for the eye to rest on were perfectly executed, and everyone on the approval team agreed. Even the attitude of the sketch’s pose was perfect!


Andrea then sent me the cleaned-up line art, but I had concerns about the hairdo made of rib bones reading properly in miniature form.


To combat the possibility of the hair not coming across, I requested a few alternate hairstyle options; #4 was chosen unanimously.

The only work left to do was to work up the color concept for the studio paint, in which I adhered closely to the original Totem Hunter colors. The concept process for this miniature was incredibly fast, and the final sculpt is fantastic!

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Author: Mars Garrett
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