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Privateer: Designing Alten Van Helsing

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Mar 23 2018

The latest addition to Privateer’s Mini-Crate collection is here!

Alten Van Helsing, the monster hunter that strikes fear into the heart of creatures of the night. He debuted at Lock & Load last year during the keynote. Designer Nate Feyma takes us through the process…



My first drafts of Alten is below. As this was my first MiniCrate model, I began by leaning pretty heavily into Alten Ashley’s look, adjusting his gear to be more suitable to a vampire hunter—stakes, lanterns, and the like. Somewhere between drawings A and B, someone had the bright idea to replace Bucking Jenny with an enormous crossbow, which I loved:

We were satisfied with a lot of elements in these initial sketches, but they just didn’t feel fully realized yet. Matt took a look at them and produced a sketch that felt a lot more interesting to us (and in fact turned into the eventual pose for the model itself). I then took this sketch, pulled in a few more elements that we all liked (the stakes on the belt, for instance), and sent off version E for our Lock & Load presentation.

That was the last I saw of Alten for a couple months while we worked on other, more urgent models in the pipeline, but I knew he’d be back! When it was time to get him ready for sculpting, my first pass was a fairly straightforward cleanup of my rough sketch from earlier.


We agreed that he was pretty close but that we could do more to make him a bit more engaging. To that end, I did another pass and added more details to his bow, cape, and sword. With colors provided by the illustrious Ainsley Yeager, we were done at last!

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Author: Mars Garrett
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