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Star Wars: RPG – ‘Fully Operational’ Is Now Available

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Mar 29 2018


This isn’t a trap! The ultimate sourcebook for your engineers in Age of Rebellion is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. It’s 96-pages of Engineering goodies including three new playable species and three new talent specializations – all geared to get your gear-heads cranking.

via Fantasy Flight Games


Fully Operational is your essential guide in building the best tools available for freeing the galaxy from the tyranny of the Empire. Packed with new character options, ships, equipment, rules for vehicle construction, and a guide for making engineering-focused campaigns exciting and engaging for the entire group, there’s no more useful manual to the galaxy available.

Three New Playable Races

You might remember the Bith from your favorite Cantina on a dusty ol’backwater of a planet. Their race is renowned throughout the galaxy for their heightened auditory abilities. That might sound like an odd trait to have for someone who works on demolishing things, but it could be a valuable addition for working on an engine that powers starships the size of a building! They work as great Sappers and Saboteurs due to their innate cunning – after all, that advanced hearing let’s them know who’s making all that racket…and how to avoid them.

Kaminoans got a bad rap. Sure, they were pivotal in creation of the clones that enabled the military might of the Empire to become so dominate. And that might of indirectly led to the dissolution of the Republic…but hey, they are only human Kaminoans, right? Everyone screws-up and sometimes that’s just motivation to right the wrongs of your past. Because of that, the Kaminoans have developed a complicated relationship with the Rebellion. They might get watched a little more than others but when you’re that good at “The SCIENCE” the Rebels are willing to work with them. Plus, they get a boost to their Medicine skill – the Rebellion needs all the medical professionals it can get.


Skakoans look like a mix between a droid and an organic being – that’s thanks to their specialized body suits they have to wear. On their home world, the environment has more of a methane atmosphere and the pressure is different. It’s pretty inhospitable to pretty much all non-native species. That said, you can understand why the Skakoans who venture off world have to wear those bulky full-body suits. They are also somewhat of a rare sight in the galaxy and that can cause some difficulty with interactions among the other races in the galaxy. But if that makes them perfect for engineering work – machines don’t complain about the smell.

Three New Specializations

Droid Specialists are exactly what they sound like. If you’re looking for a new way to approach Droids with either repairs, upgrades, or constructing your own army of death-bots, the this sub-class is for you! They have a few new skills to help them out like Desperate Repairs and Reroute. Those talents can help keep your robotic buddies in the fight and optimized for the duration.

Few classes excel in the proper application of explosives lie Sappers. If you need a bridge demolished, a ship scuttled, or a Starbase rigged to blow, you’ll want a Sapper in your squad. The Weak Foundation talent is paramount when you’re going after fixed structures. But Sappers aren’t just great for destruction – Improvised Position also helps the Sapper offer some protection to their group. Turns out there is time to duck!

Shipwrights are for those players who really want to get creative with the ship-building and customization. In fact, Fully Operational has a comprehensive Starship and vehicle design and construction system. So if you’re looking to take full advantage of it, then Shipwrights is the only way to play!

All this and more can be found in the new Sourcebook from Fantasy Flight Games, but if you’re looking from something that you can quick reference, don’t forget to pick-up the new Engineer Specialization and Signature Abilities Decks as well!


Fully Operational $ 29.95

Design. Build. Repair. Destroy. The struggle against the Empire isn’t only for those who carry the biggest blasters or fly the fastest starfighters. No war can be carried on without the tools to wage it, and Engineers serve the Rebellion and their comrades by designing, building, and maintaining all the equipment necessary to end the Empire’s reign of terror in the galaxy. Weapons, droids, vehicles, and gear of all varieties are more than just plasteel and bolts; they represent the will of the free people of the galaxy made corporeal in defiance of the Emperor.

Fully Operational is a 96-page sourcebook for Engineers in the Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game™. Featuring three new specialization talent trees and new races to populate your campaigns, Fully Operational is an essential addition to your collection. It includes detailed rules for vehicle and starship construction as well as sample campaigns that emphasize the role Engineers play in the Galactic Civil War beyond being simple background support. A livery of new ships and vehicles also awaits you, ready to be included in your Age of Rebellion campaign.


Time to brush-up on your technobabble.

Author: Adam Harrison
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