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40K Op-ed: What GW’s New 40K Boxed Sets Mean

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Mar 7 2018
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GW is branching out with their 40K boxed sets and it’s a very good thing for players AND the game.

I remember a long time ago when the Grimdark had two default enemies. Two forces that tore the galaxy apart. If you were getting into 40K, you would just assume that these were the two most popular armies in the hobby.  Here let me give you a hint:

Now sure GW branched out randomly over the editions, from 3rd Edition’s oddball Dark Eldar “all spiky all the time” opponents and Battle for Macragge’s Tyranid opponents and the baroque Chaos Marines of Dark Vengeance.


Tired of Marines?

Of course there have been many more starter sets, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend… No matter the alternative opponent – it’s always the Emperor’s mighty Space Marines who are there to kick their butt! But it’s 2018 the game has really advanced a lot in recent years with close to 20 factions, and it looks like GW is branching out.

Hello Forgebane – Where Have You Been?

With FORGEBANE we see a Warhammer 40,000 starter set that has NO Marine factions and I think it’s GREAT!  It’s a set of very cool models to get you into the game, includes the core rules and of course some new sexy plastic crack to get the old-timer’s attention.

I assume this is an experiment for GW and they will be monitoring sales closely.  I really hope to see them continue this trend and give other armies some love with dedicated non-marine boxes.  I for one am very happy to see GW step away from Marines and let the other factions shine.

~What do you think of non-marine sets and what faction combos do you think GW should do in the future?


Author: Larry Vela
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