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40K: Plasma – Still The Deadliest Anti-Vehicle Weapon In The Game

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Apr 18 2018


Plasma Weapons are still the death dealers we’ve known them to be, and after the FAQ, it turns out they are even deadlier!

We’ve talked about how deadly plasma weapons are previously. It’s deadly to the target, but the holy smokes is it deadly to the bearer!

Rolling a 1 when you Supercharged Plasma is going to be a bad time. It straight-up slays the bearer. We all knew that going in but it was a risk we were willing to take. But they got even scarier Post-FAQ.

FAQ Update Index: Imperium I, pg. 5

“What’s the big deal – it kills the Razorback still?” – yes. But is doesn’t specify that the twin plasma gun was set to Supercharge. Now we can chalk this up to a misprint, a copy+paste error, lazy editing, or whatever you want…the problem is that it made it to print!

So what do we do?


Now I know folks are going to point out that this is from the Index, not the Codex but you can still take the option.

It gets weird – but those folks are missing the point. The real problem is that the FAQ is wrong (due to an editing mistake, but still wrong) – so what do we do about it? 

  • Option 1: We could chalk it up to human error and be adults about it, but this is the internet, so we all know that’s not going to happen.
  • Option 2: We could question this ruling, but it’s IN THE FAQ and official. At that point, what stops players from arguing ALL of the rulings they don’t agree with? (see option 1)
  • Option 3: Play with super deadly plasma and deal with the impending Razorback death toll. I know I’m game.

Those Rare Twin Plasma Gun Razorbacks are an endangered species – but it’s mostly their own fault.


So what do you think? Are you going to start questioning everything or are you okay with playing with a slightly broken FAQ?


  • 40K Lore: Adeptus Astartes Gene-seed