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Next Week From GW – Luring In The Idoneth Deepkin

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Apr 22 2018

The Third Wave of the Deepkin surges forth next week, bringing with it the magic of the Isharann and some deadly new heroes that will drown your foes in the Ethersea.

The third wave of Deepkin brings a lot of magical might to the table. The big releases are the Isharann heroes who, much like Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers, are all about the mystic powers locked away in the tides.

via Warhammer Community

Isharann heroes fill an essential role in the Idoneth Deepkin army, each designed to open up new tactical possibilities and allowing you to customise your style of play.

The Isharann Tidecaster, for example, gives you access to the powerful Lore of the Deep, and can be used to reverse the Tides of Death table:

That’s pretty big–it lets you benefit from High Tide on turn 2, as well you can run and charge going forward–it makes your army feel so much more offense-oriented from the start.


Isharann Soulscryers, meanwhile, are Priest units that let you make sudden ambushes from the board edge with your Idoneth Deepkin units, as well as making unlucky enemy units easier to charge:

This of course helps you get in there for your charge on High Tides. Really make sure your units get to a single unit–or do some multi-charge shenanigans if you want to spread your units out, make your opponent really care about their screens. Especially since Soulscryers have a second ability, Finder of Ways which lets you set up in reserves and drop in on the battlefield whenever you need.

Or for even spicier charge times–have another Soulscryer on the table to cast the Steed of Tides to get one of your heroes up to 9″ away from a target whose soul you’re going to be seeking.


Finally, the Isharann Soulrender can steal the souls of enemies and use them to regenerate your Namarti units

Stay tune for more of the Idoneth’s terror from the deep.

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