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40K: Wrath & Glory “The Box Of Sorrows”

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May 3 2018
Warhammer 40K

The BoLS Crew got a chance to play the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 RPG Wrath & Glory with Designer Ross Watson the GM. If you missed the live game check it out right here.


Our Party:

GM – Ross Watson
Jenn – Inquisitional Acolyte Lady Yyrmalla Aleretta
Abe – Commissar Victoria Linn
Mark – Battle Brother Trojon Kull of the White Scars
Adam – Ministorum Priest Pater Nemoris

The Story

Wrath & Glory occurs after the Fall of Cadia – the Cicatrix Maledictum has ripped the galaxy in half. Our party finds it self on the side of the galaxy that has been cut off from Imperial reinforcements. Under the command of a Rogue Trader, they have been ordered to locate another Acolyte who has vital intel. Upon arriving on the station, they are not greeted by the standard retinue. Something is not quite right…


Abe wrote up his thoughts already if you’re looking for a breakdown from a player’s perspective. It’s really easy to pick-up and is a fantastic mix of well designed mechanics. Lots of the concepts of the game encourage players to role play and while the dice matter, they never feel like they get in the way of the game play.

If you’re a fan of the Grimdark and are looking to get into RPGs then this game is tailor made for you. Or maybe you’re really into RPGs and you’re looking for a system that handles guns and armor differently than a d20 based game (I know I have been) then I think you’re going to love the core mechanics of this system. As a person who loves to throw-down on the tabletop with a game of 40k and RPGs I already know I’m going to be purchasing this one for myself. Our session has me hooked.

Wrath & Glory is coming out later this year – Get ready to adventure in the Grimdark like never before!


Author: Adam Harrison
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