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FW: Space Marine Upgrade Packs Go Last Chance To Buy

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May 4 2018

The Space Marine Upgrade Packs are all heading to the dreaded “Last Chance To Buy” section on Forge World’s page. If you’ve been wanting to create a Horus Heresy Era Legion with the Forge World bits, this could be your last chance to get in on the action.

All 18 of the Heresy Era Legion Tactical Squad Packs are marked Last Chance To Buy and so are ALL of their MKII and MKIV shoulder pads/torso sets, the Cataphractii Terminator Shoulders Pads, and all the Legion Specific Upgrade Sets as well.

via Forge World

Forge World Last Chance To Buy


That’s just a quick snip of what’s going on the chopping block from Forge World. In total there are 69 Products that are getting pulled from their store. If you’re a fan of the Horus Heresy and you’ve been waiting for the right moment to make a big purchase your time is running out. Even if you’re not a Heresy Era player, these upgrade packs make for excellent bit to mark Squad Leaders or other specialist marines that might be from your chapter.

We’ve seen other items go the way of the Dodo Bird before but this is the first time we’ve seen it directed at the Horus Heresy line. What does this mean for Heresy Players and fans? Does this mean GW is shelving the Heresy? Or maybe it means they are going to redo the line…but that’s not very likely.


Black Library is ending the Heresy on the book side, the Horus Heresy Rule book is done, and now the upgrade packs are getting pulled. What does that all mean? We don’t know – but you can sure speculate.


Is GW pulling the plug on the Horus Heresy? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Author: Adam Harrison
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