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Painting the Legion of Everblight – Chitin, Carapace, Flesh, You Got It We Paint It

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Jun 3 2018

The Legion of Everblight is on the march this month. With the Khadoran Man-O-War approaching, you’ll need to get your Legion models painted up nice and purple and fleshy and gross.

The Legion of Everblight is a horde of marauding monsters, covered in corrupt flesh, tainted chitin, and full of tentacles and rot and…well, Blight. Time to bring out the gruesome details and to find the beauty of the Blight…

We start with a base of the skin. Leathery and purple and slimy…then it builds, layering in a putrescent pink and adding depth to that fleshy, slimy grossness.


Top it all off with some chitinous keratin looking barbed and warped and twisted and ready to dig in to the flesh and armor of your enemies.

And that’s the Legion of Everblight in a nutshell. Even if you’re not playing the Legion of Everblight, bringing out those soft flesh tones, that layered purple on pink is such an easy way to work with other colors–like a blue and green or a yellow and brown. At any rate, take these videos, and techniques and get out there and make your models look good.

Happy painting!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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