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40K: Behind The Scenes of Kill Team Rogue Trader

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Sep 10 2018

The Games Workshop Design Studio sits down to talk about the inner workings of Rogue Trader, the models, the background and a whole lot more!

It’s always fun to get a peek behind the curtain and hear the story of how things get made. Today Games Workshop has put out a new video speaking with the team that worked on Kill Team: Rogue Trader. They cover the lore, the models, and some of the fun and interesting quirks of this expansion.

Having gotten a chance to actually look at the models and digest the rules a bit, I think they did a pretty solid job. The two sets of kits in the Rogue Trader box are really impressive. Each model is unique and has a distinct pose. Everyone from the Rogue Trader Elucia Vhane down to the tiny Gellerpox Mites are gushing with details.

As an expansion to Kill Team, it really feels like more of a board game that you can customize thanks to the option to swap things out. The new Commander levels allow you to take your Leader with slightly different powers that can impact how the rest of your crew functions. This is more apparent with the Gellerpox Infected because they have a lot more options.

The Rogue Trader’s Retinue is made up of a 6 specialists and a handful of well…let’s call them Red Shirts. The key to victory for the Rogue Trader is going to be getting your specialists where they need to be to get the maximum effect – and minimizing your own losses in return.


If you want to learn more insights about Rogue Trader watch the video above and see what you can glean from the team behind it’s creation. Also, stick around for a very insightful look at one of the best new characters to come from this boxed set.


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