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40K Deep Thought: The Next Chapter Approved

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Sep 7 2018

Black Blow Fly here to talk about what Chapter Approved 2018 better contain, for all our sakes.

Well to be honest these are just my opinions but that said I think they are all quite relevant to everyone who loves to play for immersion into a much storied sci-fi background and enjoyment of the hobby. I first want to say that I hope GW will learn to re-concentrate on those of us that love the game for the hobby. 8th edition is my favorite edition ever… it’s the uber WAAC gamers that are causing all the problems. As soon as GW realizes this I think everything will get even a lot better. So if you are not happy I urge you to hang in there and stick with it. Let’s see what the next Chapter Approved holds in store.

The Current Problems

First I am going to discuss the main problems with the game:

Suck it Marines, look at my guns!

The Ever Loyal 32
Imperial Guard are the key ingredient to what really ails the game more than ever. Guardsmen are four points per model and better than a tactical Space Marine when we take into consideration everything they have going for them. Catachans are S4 and faster than assault Marines plus they can fall back, shoot and charge again. This is just one example just how over the top broken they are.

For around 200 points you can field a battalion that grants five command points and an infinite number of regained command points during the game thanks to a relic… how totally broken is that and how did it come to be ? I’ve come to learn that Robin Cruddance is now in charge of development and is to the Imperial Guard what Phil Kelly is to Eldar. GW PLEASE STOP. The ridiculously cheap command point farm is the key ingredient that is ruining Warhammer 40k. Look at Imperial Knights and just how broken they are. Did Knights need unlimited command points to unlock and unlimited number of strategems? I have seen some games where these armies end the game with seven or more command points. The CP Farm must go the way of the Dodo Bird and the sooner the better. No one enjoys playing against Knights even if they have a strong counter and can win. Make the game fun to play again.

Soon to joining Nidzilla, Nob Bikers, Superfriends and all the other fallen kings. 

Meta Lists
The core of the currently most obnoxious army list is a Castellan Knight, the Lucky 32, two Blood Angel Smash Captains and three five man Scout squads. You can then sprinkle in some distraction units like Hellhounds or Taurox. Again the underlying theme is an army that is totally unfun to play against or even with interact with these lists on the table. GW should fix command points so that Knights and Smash Captains no longer have an infinite number of command points. I refuse to play either Guardsmen or Knights in my own lists simply out of respect for the game. I will also say I’m totally unimpressed with any wins with this type of abusive army list… I’m simply unimpressed too if it wins a major event as well.

please help us!


Bringing Back Under-Powered Factions
Look at both Space Marines and Grey Knights as an example. The new Blood Claws clock in at 13 points a model… that’s over three times as much as the basic guardsman. Why ? Guardsmen have better orders than any Space Marine Chapter tactic or strategem. It’s looking like something is enabling this type of stuff to make it through the dev process to final printed codexes. Whatever it is need to be found and fixed. Ideally if all factions were properly balanced the game would overall be much more fun to play.

I can’t wait for the holidays!

Putting It All Together

The next Chapter Approved could mana from the Heavens. It’s an opportunity to address all of the real problems with Eighth Edition. I have touched on three big issues that sorely need to be addressed. I am hoping for the best. I hope you that love the love the game for the hobby will all rally together. In the end it’s up to GW to fix these problems and bring back the balance and enable hobbyists and gamers of EVERY faction to have some fun and chance to win.

~What are your griefs and what do you think needs the most to be addressed?

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