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40K: Gellerpox Infected – A Mini-Codex Tour

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Sep 8 2018

The Gellerpox Infected are a brand new faction and we’re taking a tour of their new Mini-codex!

When a new faction comes to the game there is a level of excitement that comes along with it. Join myself and Thomas aka Goatboy as we take a look at the units and stratagems of the new Gellerpox Infected:

Let’s just get this out of the way first – Competitive Players: This faction is not going to be your new meta-breaking faction. It’s not that they are bad or that their rules aren’t good, it’s due to the squad size limits. That’s just a function of the limits of this mini-dex. That said, if they ever DO get added to another codex or if they get a wider release, you can bet they are going to get looked at by the competitive crowd.

Having said that, they are usable on the tabletops of 40k and with all the models in the box you could easily add a small detachment to an existing list. This would probably work best in a small game if you really want them to have an impact. They aren’t going to be a CP battery, but they are a flavorful and fun detachment to run around with.

They are designed as a mostly close-combat force with very little shooting. All of the larger models do have Disgustingly Resilient and the little guys do not. However, they have some stratagems that let you add more or teleport around the board.

One of the surprise stand-out units is actually the Gellerpox Mutants. With their Necron Heads Gellercaust Masks they are a mean close-combat option. If you could expand the squad-size they would be a pretty great unit – they are kind of inbetween Poxwalkers and Plaguebearers and are arguably better than both. I am really hoping that we see this mini-codex get a full army treatment in some way – or at least added to a Chaos Codex in some form. If the Gellerpox Infected had rules that allowed you to add models to the squads…man, the potential is there.


I also really liked the Mites, Grubs and Glitchlings – these little guys are dirt cheap and add some much needed speed to the faction. Ideally they are going run up and get in the enemies face, get killed and then you use stratagems to warp them back in. They would be a lot more effective if you could bring more than 4 in a unit though.

The Gellerpox Infected are a neat faction and they are different enough to warrant a look, especially if you’re just looking for something other than Nurgle Daemons or Death Guard to play with. However, they have some hard caps on unit sizes that really prevent them from being competitive. That said, the models are pretty impressive and if you’re a hobbyist or collector you’d be doing yourself a disservice writing them off because of those squad limits. And I have a feeling that we might see those limits removed in the future…

If they can infect Gellerfields, did Nurgle just stop the Imperium from Warp Travel!?

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