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Painting Up The G.U.A.R.D.-ians Of Monsterpocalypse

Sep 16 2018

It’s time to paint up more Monsterpocalypse minis–the game releases next Friday, so get these tips in now, and get your game looking great when it launches!

One last Monsterpocalypse paint-along before it’s launch day. Maybe you grabbed your G.U.A.R.D. at Gen Con this year, or maybe you’re just going to take some other miniatures that have been needing a fresh coat of paint and paint along with Privateer Studio Painters. Either way, there’s a lot to learn in this video.

The video has tips for getting bright colors, dark highlights, and even some advice on scale, so that your miniatures look like they’re just zoomed out versions of something that’s much bigger up close. Fascinating stuff, and just the boost needed to get painting. So get ready, Protectors, the monsterpocalypse is coming.

Enjoy, and happy painting!


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