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P3: Basing Your Minis With Privateer

Sep 2 2018

Now that you’ve got your monsterpocalypse miniatures painted up, it’s time to get back to base-ics and give the some firm ground to stand on.

That’s right friends, it’s some base-ic training in today’s hobby video. Privateer Press studio painter Dallas Kemp is back today with another paint-along video, although this one is more of a sculpt-along, because it’s all about basing your monsterpocalypse miniatures. There’s a lot of video to cover, so let’s dive right in.

It’s pretty simple stuff, but absolutely worth doing. A good base job can take your miniatures and really make them pop. Especially in Monsterpocalypse where you’ll want a quick way to designate your elite units. Plus towards the end, you’ll get a preview of the new Skorne Stone Guardian.

Happy Sculpting!

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