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Star Wars Legion: Boba Fett Operative Preview

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Sep 1 2018
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Fantasy Flight Games is showing off the one of the most iconic characters from Star Wars – It’s Boba Fett’s time to shine with an upcoming Operative Expansion Pack for Star Wars Legion!

When you see that Green Mandalorian Armor you know there is only one character that it could be – Boba Fett is here and he’s ready to bring home the bounty. He’s been called the “best in the business” and apparently has a habit of disintegrating targets so he’s perfect to bring to the battle fields of Star Wars Legion.

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As an independent bounty hunter, Boba Fett operates differently than practically every other Imperial unit. He doesn’t carry the standard E-11 Blaster Rifle worn by Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers or the lighter EC-17 Hold-out Blasters commonly issued to Scout Troopers. These weapons are good general-purpose options for infantry troops, but Boba Fett prefers specialized weapons, and for 140 points you gain a unit that has the right tool for almost every situation.

Boba Fett comes standard with 3 different weapons to ensure he’s got the right tool for the job. If you want to get up close, he’s got Boot Spikes that bring the pain with two red dice. From Short-to-Mid range he’s got his deadly Wrist Rocket that has two black dice and Impact 1. And from Ranges 1-to-3 he’s also got his custom EE-3 Carbine with pierce 1 and two black dice!

To help his aim, Boba Fett also has Sharpshooter 2 to help ensure his shots find their mark. And to top off his offensive capbilities, Boba also has Arsenal 2. This allows him to fire his two ranged weapons in a single pool attack or split them up as two different attacks.

With abilities like that Fett is going to have a target on his back. Thankfully for him, he’s got Impervious to help aid against the oncoming onslaught directed at him. That Mandalorian Armor is no joke – just watch out for swings to the head…


Boba Fett’s command cards are also pretty impressive. For starters, the Z-6 Jetpack Rocket allows for some extra firepower to be laid down on the heads of the enemy. Ideally, you’d drop this on an enemy vehicle from down range to soften it up – or finish it off completely.

And then there is the ZX Flame Projector. This weapon can be combined with his Carbine for an attack that can  ” ignores cover, cancels a block result, and adds a red attack die for every mini in the defending unit.” BRUTAL!

Boba’s infamous Whipcord Launcher is his third command card. This can really help setup a turn where you can lock-down a specific trooper.

The Bounty Keyword also allows Boba to score some extra victory tokens for you during the game. The ability allows him to mark an enemy commander or operative at the start of the game. If Boba manages to defeat that marked character, then you can score an extra victory token at the end of the game!


Other Cards In His Toolset

Hunter could prove very useful for helping to finish off a unit. But the Fett might not always be on the offensive. That’s where cards like Duck and Cover and Emergency Stims can come into play:


Boba Fett is expected to land later this year in Q3. He’s currently available for pre-order from FFG or your FLGS!

Boba Fett Operative Expansion $12.95

As evidenced by his tracking Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon to Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett is a cunning bounty hunter who considers all the angles. He’s also a formidable warrior, with his intimidating Mandalorian armor concealing an assortment of deadly weaponry. Working best on his own, Boba Fett is just as lethal as any squad of Stormtroopers and this Operative Expansion lets you bring Fett’s many skills to your Star Wars: Legion battles.

As the game’s first operative, the Boba Fett Operative Expansion includes everything you need to add the galaxy’s best bounty hunter to your Imperial army. A single unpainted, easily-assembled miniature depicts Boba Fett taking flight in search of his next quarry. Meanwhile, three command cards let you tap into the many dirty tricks Fett has hidden in his Mandalorian armor, and three upgrade cards give you even more tools to equip Boba Fett or another unit for battle.



Never Bet The Fett!

Author: Adam Harrison
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