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Star Wars Legion: CIS Forces We Want To See

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Sep 14 2018

Star Wars Legion is going to head to the Clone Wars, here are some of the units we want to see.

At GenCon this year FFG announced that Legion would be getting some Clone Wars expansions. I couldn’t be more excited about this news. In many ways the Clone Wars fits larger scale ground combat a lot better than the Rebellion Era. There are also a ton of really cool units and options to pull from for the period. Today lets take a look at some of the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) units I’d like to see.

The B1 Battle Droid

As its the basic ground troop of the CIS forces its pretty much inevitable we will see B1s take to the table top.  Given the numbers they are often used in it would not surprise me see them come in larger than normal squads, so this is perfect unit for horde players. I would expect lots of white dice.

IG Lancer Combat Driods

One of the coolest and most insane CIS units to come out of the Clone Wars are the IG Lancer Combat Driods. This droids show up in a couple episodes of the original Clone Wars cartoon and are just amazing. Since the CIS will need a fast light vehicle, like the 95-Z Speeder Bikes or the AT-RT, these guys are sure to show up. It’s time to prove chivalry isn’t dead.


Durge was a fearsome bounty hunter from the Clone Wars.  Over the course of the war he worked for the CIS on many battlefronts. Due to his unique body he was almost impossible to kill (serious Anakin had to throw him into a sun). Not only would he make a great operative or commander, like Boba Fett, but he also just happened to lead the IG Lancer Combat Droids into battle, making him the perfect fit.


The AAT, is one of the iconic units from the Clone Wars. This tank severed as the main battle tank of the CIS forces, and was one of the few vehicles they had that were crewed rather than just being large droids. As a big fan of tanks, I can’t wait for this unit to come to Legion. It would work as a great center piece unit, like the AT-ST.

Umbaran hover tank


The Umbaran Hover Tank. is another really cool tank from the Clone Wars. This tank has a really unique look and is set apart from other CIS unit by being crewed by living beings. In general I really love all the Umbaran units we see in the Cartoon and hope they can all get models. I’d love to be able to play an all Umbaran army.

Poggle the Lesser

Speaking of the many sub factions within the CIS, the Geonosian played a pretty big part in the war. They also have a large number of units that could make it to a table top. And who better to lead them than Poggle the Lesser, their public leader. While Poggle would clearly be a support character, his main advantage is having the best name in all of Star Wars, one his foes will soon learn to fear.

…And So Many More

I’ve really just scratched the surface here. While these are a few of the units I’m extra excited about there are just so many units and heroes to pick from. Destroyer Droids, B2s, Magnaguards, Grevious, Dooku, Siderius, Ventirss, Maul, Spider Driods, and just so many many more. Thats not even really getting into all the subfactions and minor groups in play during the period. This is rich era to draw from and  I can’t wait to see what happens.

Let us know what CIS units you are most excited for, down in the comments! 


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