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X-Wing: 1st Edition Farewell Toasts to the GOOD & the BAD

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Sep 11 2018

We’re almost there. We’ve speculated. We’ve debated. We’ve anticipated. We’ve salivated (now go clean yourself up, you’re making a mess). At long last, here we are: it’s time for X-Wing 2.0.

Before we surrender to it completely—and before we stop calling it 2.0 and just start calling it “X-Wing”—there’s one final ritual to perform. Today, as our farewell to the previous edition, let’s take a moment to pour one out for all the things we’ll miss from 1.0… and then pour out another for all the things we won’t miss from 1.0.

We must acknowledge, of course, that a “goodbye” for some people might be a “good riddance” for others, and vice versa. We must further acknowledge that some things are a “goodbye” and a “good riddance” at the same time. The good news is that we’re drinking regardless!


Goodbye to, “Darth Vader destroys both our ships.”

Goodbye to ships like the TIE Advanced Prototype stacking “All the Tokens”.

Goodbye to figuring out ways to get eight red dice on the table.

Goodbye to anachronisms like flying a pre-Yavin ship alongside Episode 7+ ships. Omega Leader + Inquisitor + Vessery for life!

Goodbye to debating whether the HWK or the Lambda has the worse dial, and whether or not it’s a fair comparison.

Goodbye to easy TIE Punisher jokes. (I hope, anyway.)


Goodbye to the worst card in the game, and my favorite teaching tool for showing new players not all upgrades are created equal.

Goodbye to Scum performing brain surgery on droids to make them fit a different upgrade slot.

-Alternatively, goodbye to the Rebels having a different droid slot from Scum by the extraordinary expedient of performing basic maintenance, regularly and on time.

Goodbye to all my gorgeous alt-art cards. (And hello to new gorgeous alt-art cards!)

Goodbye to plopping down two shield regenerating ships and soaking in the groans.

Goodbye to Fire Control Systems on ships that can’t natively get locks.

Goodbye to balance-patch-by-expansion-pack.


Goodbye to Boba Fett crew’s glorious FAQ entry/novella.

Goodbye to a host of Old Extended Universe characters, whose abilities have been shifted over to New Wars characters. (The K- and E-Wings are now the Old EU Memorial Ships.)

Goodbye to Imperial Firesprays… ha ha just kidding.


Good riddance to PS11 big-ship boosts.

Good riddance to these rolls producing zero damage.

“Let’s see… focus token, autothrusters, we’ll Palp an evade, evade token… well, looks like four evades to me!”

Good riddance to, “I’ll shoot you with three dice double-modified, and then I’ll shoot you with three dice double-modified. Then, I’ll shoot you with three dice double-modified, and then I’ll shoot you with three dice double-modified… all from the same ship.”

Good riddance to swarms being useless.

Good riddance to punching holes in our Jumpmaster ship cards to blot out the torpedo slots.

Good riddance to Push the Limit holding all ship dials hostage.


Good riddance to “We can’t make his PS any higher because Veteran Instincts exists, but then he has to take VI to be any good.”

Good riddance to PS10 Trajectory Simulated bombs.

Good riddance to balance-patch-by-expansion-pack.

Good riddance to new-player traps. (“What do you mean, ‘don’t give 50-point Dash an Ion Cannon’?”)

Good riddance to, “Arc dodgers without Autothrusters don’t work because turrets exist.”

Good riddance to the God of Stress.

That’s right, FFG’s committing deicide up in here.

Good riddance to dials from before FFG knew how to make dials. *cough* Y-Wing *cough*

Good riddance to, “You can’t use him, he’ll just get one-shot” being applied to a third of the ships in the game.

Good riddance to being ashamed of running Rebel regen.

Good riddance to Miranda Doni somehow getting stronger with every new wave.


Good riddance to Fenn Rau, Sheathipede pilot… ha ha just kidding, he’s still there and he’s still a jerk.

~And good riddance to 2.0 preview columns! Now let’s go play X-Wing!

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