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40K: Five Ork Psychic Powers That We Miss

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Oct 16 2018

Orks iz da best, everyone knows this. And with the new Codex and Speed Freeks drawing on some of that classic Orky feeling that made 3rd and 4th Edition feel so much fun, we’re hoping to see some old favorites return. Here are five we miss.

We know that the Ork Psychic “discipline” such as it is, is loose at best. The Orks just know how to bust ‘eads, some do it with dakka, some with choppas, and there are some what use the power of their minds to do the killin’, it doesn’t really matter how, just that you have a good scrap while doing it. Well we’ve been seeing a lot more of that classic Ork feeling come back into the game–at least with the previews we’ve seen so far. So we’re hoping that their psychic powers will have as much of that fun time.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look back at some of the psychic greatness that Orks have seen and hoping for the best. As it stands now, the Index has 3 powers, and we’re 99.9999% sure these are going to stick around in the Codex, which means we know for sure we’ll see ‘eadbanger, Da Jump, and Warpath. These have existed throughout the editions in various forms. At some point Da Jump was just ‘ere We Go, for instance, but by and large these have always been around. We’re hoping to see at least some of these fill out the rest of the Ork’s Psychic Discipline.

Foot of Gork

Or maybe it’s the Fist of Mork. Either way, this big green stompy force represents the ultimate Orkish power made manifest. A big stompy extremity with which to pound your foes into dust and submission. Called Da Krush in 7th Edition, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it make a return.


An old power that has been a constant through the editions. Frazzle sees an Ork wreathed in good old fashioned electricity. No fuss, no muss, but in the age of Smite where would something like this fit in? Could it do random hits to each enemy unit? Or to make it Orkier, to each unit within a certain radius?


Unleash the power of the Waaagh!!! with, well, Waaagh!!! — said to be an expression of the raw psychic energy of the Waaagh!!! that fuels all Orks, this power used to allow players to declare a Waaagh!!! when that was a limited thing. It was something they could manage on turn 1, even. We could see something like this being a buff power–but you already have Warpath which adds +1S and +1A so maybe the Waaagh!!! would buff movement. Warptime is really good, after all.



Also called Killbolt, which is a misnomer–this is a beam of energy that lances out from an Ork’s eyes. This one is pretty easy to imagine translated into 8th Edition Rules. There are already plenty of “draw a line” powers out there, so it would be an easy (and likely) power to see a Weirdboy get. Draw a line, krump some gits, and it’ll probably never get taken because Warpath is quite good.

Psychic Vomit

Finally we come to my favorite Ork power. This one represents the most massive buildup of psychic energies, literally vomited onto the tabletop. It not only damages your enemies but is said to make a Weirdboy feel better after it’s been unleashed. Would love to see an Ork that gets too much psychic buildup have this as an option rather than a power, per se, especially if he’s around a lot of lads, but either way, the game is missing it.

What powers do you think the Orks will possess when the Codex finally comes out?

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