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40K: Mystery Ork Vehicle Revealed

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Oct 11 2018

Last week Games Workshop put out a poll for fans to guess the identity of a new Ork Vehicle. Well it looks like the vote have been tallied and it’s been revealed!

That Ork Mystery Vehicle Poll from last week wrapped-up and the reveal is here. Now, I had a hunch that things might have been a little rigged. But here we are a week later and fans guessed correctly.

via Warhammer Community


We promised that if the majority of you guessed the correct result, we would reveal the sixth of these new vehicles…

…Almost 7000 of you voted.

…About 1700 of you thought that it was a weaponised Ork food trukk.

…Around 1900 of you thought it was a high-speed landmine delivery system


…More than 2900 of you thought it was a Squig-based weapons platform.

But the thing is…

…you were all correct!

Yeah, I called that one. ANYWAYS…So what the heck is it!?

Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy

It’s a buggy that uses a variety of different squigs as ordnance. And as we all know, there are TONS of different Squigs. With the addition of this vehicle that’s a whopping SIX new orky vehicles coming at us full throttle! Orktober indeed.

Just to recap – here’s a list of all the vehicles coming soon…


Deffkilla Wartrike


Boomdakka Snazzwagon

Shokkjump Dragsta

Kustom Boosta-Blasta

Megatrakk Scrapjet


My big question now is if these are individual kits or if they are going to be packaged as some type of combo kit. We know that at least two of these ork buggies are coming in Speed Freeks – it’s just a question about the rest of them.

I can’t wait to see these kits on the tabletop and I REALLY can’t wait to see all the crazy stuff the Ork players are going to do when they get their Big Mek hands on them. These kits can’t get to players fast enough – time to step on the gas and let the Orks run wild!



What do you think of the new Ork Vehicles? Do you have a favorite?

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