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Adeptus Titanicus: Warhound Scout Titans Unboxing

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Oct 6 2018

We got our hands on the new Warhound Scout Titans box – that’s right, there TWO in the box! Come take a look at what else you can expect from the tiniest titan!

The Warhound Titan is the final piece of the Adeptus Mechanicus puzzle that we’ve been waiting on. The addition of the final Titan to the game now allows players to build the Titan Legions of their dreams! So what’s in the box? Take a look for yourself:

It’s an extremely well designed kit. Again, Games Workshop’s miniature design team went above and beyond for the fans of this game. Each of the sprues are laid-out in a logical manner and you can see exactly what they were going for:

All of the armor “plates” are on the same sprue. Notice there are actually 4 different top carapaces pieces to choose from – 2 loyalist and 2 traitor versions. But realistically, you could modify any of them to suit your Legion’s needs pretty easily. But keep in mind that if GW ever wanted to “Chaosify” this kit, now they only have to swap out 1 sprue for all the plates – that’s pretty smart!

All of the weapons are on a single sprue as well. You get 2 copies of each weapon – so you could double up or mix and match as you see fit. We highly suggest magnetizing them for a hotswap option! Again, if GW wanted to redo this kit at a later date with a Chaos version, it’s as easy as swapping out this sprue – well played, GW.


Here’s the main internal structure of the kit – again, a single sprue. It’s highly detailed and definitely worth a closer look to appreciate all the little detail.

I’m really excited that the Warhound kit is out now for pre-order. I’ve already got my Legion planned out and fully intend on picking up a box or two of these bad boys. They are fast and deadly – which is a scary combination for a Titan!

Adeptus Titanicus: Warhound Scout Titans

Check with your FLGS for Pre-order or hit-up Games Workshop direct!

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