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D&D: Take A Look Inside Ravnica – Guildmaster’s Guide Preview

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Oct 18 2018

Ravnica is an endless city full of wonder and dinosaurs. Nathan B. Stewart has a look inside the pages of the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, courtesy of WotC staff artist Viktor Titov.

Come step inside the Guilded Cage (see what I did there), Ravnica, the city of Ten Guilds is coming soon–and today we’ve got a peek inside the wonder that you’ll find in theĀ Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, with a new piece of artwork unveiled thanks to Nathan B. Stewart, Sr. Director for Dungeons and Dragons and secret power behind the Spoilers & Swag throne. In honor of reaching 7,000 twitter followers, and as part of the ongoing Extra Life charity drive, Stewart revealed the following glimpse at life inside Ravnica.

Dinosaurs make everything better. Whether functioning as mounts or beasts of burden, these thundering lizards, these gigantic bastions of a bygone age represent–for many of us–our first brush with something truly wondrous. Dinosaurs are an enduring part of childhood because they’re like the monsters you can learn about, the monsters that were real; they’re an exploration into the fantastic that is somewhat safe. And I think that wonder still bears out the more you learn. But dino-divertment aside, Ravnica looks amazing.

I love the little details you can see, including the Five Mana symbols on the massive tower in the background, or the giant bull that looks to be pulling something equally as massive. Or the blue-cloaked guards of the Azorius Senate, enforcing law and order in the town as humans, Vedalken, and even what appears to be a Viashino thief mingle on the busy street of the City.

Although to be fair, it could just be a viashino trader, out for a stroll with a skulking kind of stride to its gait. We don’t want to make any judgments here. But the fact remains, Ravnica is as beautiful as it is dangerous. Just the kind of setting that’s ripe for adventure.

The Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica comes out November 13th, though select stores will see it released November 2nd–not too far off now. Until next time, Happy Adventuring!


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