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GW: New Holiday Hobby Bundles On The Way

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Oct 9 2018

Games Workshop has a ton of new terrain and paint bundles heading your way this holiday season. Check these out now so you can start planning on which ones you want to pick up when they come out later!

Either someone went through a whole lot of trouble to crate some fake marketing info or these are new Games Workshop hobby bundles heading your way. If you’re wanting to stock-up on terrain or paints for your hobby needs, then this holiday season is looking very promising.

The four terrain kits (2 AoS and 2 40k kits) are pretty nice bundles and will certainly help fill out your tables. The Munitorum Hub is probably my favorite because those containers and barrels make for great LoS blockers if you stack them right. The Vale of Ghyran is also pretty useful for either 40k or AoS as it can pull double duty.

As for the paint sets – those are all pretty good deals. I’m not sure about the Storage Box that comes with them but if they help you keep your paints organized all the better. Having a nice paint set is one of those things every hobbyists needs and you’ll either build that up over time or you can jump in on one of these bundles and save some money over the long run.

via Spikey Bits

Vale of Gyran $99

  • 4 Citadel Woods
  • ~17% Discount

Thermic Plasma Nexus $206

  • 5 Plasma Conduits
  • 1 Ferratonic Furnace
  • 1 Haemotrope Generator
  • 1 Thermic Plasma Regulator
  • ~23% Discount

Munitorum Munitions Hub $206

  • 12 Containers
  • 36 Barrels
  • 48 Crates
  • 2 Galvanic Servohaulers
  • ~28% Discount

Desolated Township $132

  • 6 Azurite Ruins
  • 1 Set of Objectives
  • ~20% Discount

Citadel Ultimate Paint Set $289

  • 53 Paints
  • 3 Brushes
  • 1 Painting Handle
  • Fine Detail Cutters
  • Mouldline Remover
  • Storage Box
  • ~31% Discount

Citadel Project Paint Set $206

  • 49 Paints
  • Storage Box
  • ~27% Discount

Citadel Layer Paint Set $248

  • 76 Paints
  • Storage Box
  • ~23% Discount

Citadel Base & Shade Paint Set $206

  • 47 Paints
  • Storage Box
  • ~23% Discount

Citadel Air Paint Set $182

  • 52 Paints
  • Storage Box
  • ~17% Discount


That Base & Shade Set looks like it could go a LONG way if you used them right…


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