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Mantic: Get Kings Of War Vanguard Rules For Free Right Here

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Oct 8 2018

Come play Mantic’s new Kings of War: Vanguard, an exciting new fantasy skirmish game, for free, right here, right now, before its wide release on October 27th.

That’s right friends, you can get in on Mantic’s new Kings of War offering, Vanguard, weeks before its release, and you can do it for free at the end of this article. Scroll on down if you’re looking to get started. Kings of War: Vanguard is the new fantasy skirmish game set in Mantic’s imaginative Kings of War world. It comes with rules and scenarios for both matched and narrative type plays, so whatever you play you’ll find something to dig into in the digital downloads. And if you’ve never tried Kings of War before, this is a great way to get started. It’s such a creative universe–Mantic has doubled down on the fantasy aspect of the game, creating reams of lore packed with unusual races–sure you still get humans and elves and the like, but you also get at least two varieties of fishmen, Abyssal Dwarves, and more.

There are three different parts to download:

  • Kings of War: Vanguard Core Rules – rules, two scenarios, basic spellbook and basic equipment list
  • Core Warband Lists – Basileans, Dwarfs, Elves, Northern Alliance, Forces of Nature, Ogres, The Trident Realm, Abyssal Dwarfs, Forces of the Abyss, Empire of Dust, Goblins, Nightstalkers, Orcs and Undead
  • Summary Sheet

via Mantic

The core rulebook contains the basic rules for Kings of War: Vanguard. This will be very handy if you’ve already got the rulebook and just need something to refer to when checking a rule. It has the basic rules required to play a game of Vanguard, so if you want to get warmed up before the official release later this month, you can start playing some games with your existing Kings of War miniatures right away.

There are 12 different scenarios to play through–the free download comes with the Supply Grab and Destroy the Baggage Train missions for you to try. You’ll find ten more, along with rules for playing in a campaign, advanced spell lists, and more in the full rulebook, as well as new ways to tie your Vanguard games to Kings of War.


Along with the core rulebook, you’ll also need to download the Starter Warband Lists. 14 factions are included in the Starter Warband lists, with 8 unit entries each. As we expand the Vanguard range, we’ll create new miniatures with new unit entries and release them alongside cards via the Vanguard Starter Sets or Vanguard Booster Sets.

There are only 14 factions included in the starter lists–but more are planned. Everything from Uncharted Empires (so things like the Varangur for instance) are going to be included eventually. And the game is following the model explored by other Skirmish games, being designed with future releases in mind.

What’s more, with the standard eight entries, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to creating your warband. Do you go for lots of grunts? Do you swap out the spells on your spellcasters, as we covered here? You can even give your heroes mounts to make them faster and more powerful in combat, or upgrade your fighters with new equipment, which you can read about here. These core lists give you plenty of tactical options that we’ll build on in the future with new release

Finally, the last file to download is the summary sheet, which gives you a brief rundown of all the actions, power dice abilities, etc. that you can use in the game. Again, this is great if you just want to print it out and have it alongside you while you play.

But that’s not all. Alongside the Vanguard release, you can find new and improved miniatures–Mantic has gone and expanded the range of individual sprues available on their website, so if you’re looking to bolster your Vanguard forces with some individual models, this might be the way to get exactly what you need without having to shell out for an entire box of models.


Vanguard is available October 27th–but you can download the preview rules below.

Grab Mantic’s Kings of War: Vanguard Rules Today

What will your vanguard force be?

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