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P3 Painting: The Omega Protocol

Oct 21 2018

With the Omega Protocol fully funded and well on its way to Kickstarter Success, the Privateer Studio team is here to make sure your game looks great when it arrives.

And how will you make your game look amazing? Well you do that by painting it up real pretty like. And today we’ve got a look at the new Level 7 Commander as well as a few of the other minis you’ll find in the Kickstarter campaign. Check it out!

We’re pretty excited for Level 7 [Omega Protocol] here at BoLS, and I’m in particular looking forward to it because anything squad-based is right up my alley. This is about as close as it gets to just dropping you into X-Com but the squad-based tactical combat parts of it, instead of the base management parts of it, like in the actual X-Com game.

These miniatures look amazing, and this is a great primer on painting up sci-fi style figures. You can tell it’s the future because everything is in shades of grey and the colors are a little more muted–but boy does it work.

Now to get to painting the aliens–I prefer the blood of their victims, but you can use some blue I guess.

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