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Star Wars Armada: Galactic Republic Ships We Want

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Oct 26

With FFGs Star Wars games heading to the Clone Wars Era, we wanted to take a look at the Galactic Republic ships we expect to see.

Though we obviously don’t have any firm dates, it does seem like Clone Wars ships are coming to Armada sooner rather than later. (In fact a large Clone Wars roll out could be partly why we’ve gotten so few Armada releases recently). What that in mind, I’ve been asking myself what we can expect from for the Galactic Republic faction. Here are a few ships I think we need.

Venator-class Star Destroyer

The Venator-Class is without a doubt the iconic warship of the Clone Wars Era Republic Fleet. This is the Republic’s version of the Imperial Star Destroyer, and a precursor to the Empire’s main ship. These heavy ships filled a similar role, as a heavy ship of the line, with large carrier and transport capacity. Though one of the strong starships of the period, its weaponry is considerably lighter than even a Victory Class. For instance the Victory 1 was armed with some 80 Missile tubes, 10 quad turbolaser batteries and 40 dual turbolaser batteries, compared to the Venator  with 10 dual turbolaser, 4 missile tubes and 52 point defense lasers (though this being Stars Wars its impossible to say how the individual weapons match up). On the other hand the Venator is a far superior carrier, being able to deploy 420 fighters to the VSD1s 24 or the 64 of and ISD. I’d expect a heavy ship with the large squadron support.

ARC-170 Star Fighter

Speaking of fighters, the ARC-170 is sure to make a showing in Armada. Given that ARC-170 models already exist in X-Wing it should be pretty easy to bring this heavy fighter over to Armada. While not the most common of the Republics Star Fighters, the ARC, was the heaviest, acting as heavy fighter/bomber ship and able to deal out a lot of damage. I’d expect a lot of hull out of these guys.

Acclamator-class assault ship

The Acclamator is the other iconic Republic Ships from the movies. An early version of the Star Destroyer wedge shape ship, the Acclamator was the back bone of the Republic fleet before the Venator replaced it. While it could serve as a ship of the line, its main role was in landing and transporting troops, it can carry up to 16,000 clones into battle and can land on planetary surfaces. Even so the ship is armed with a decent number of Turbolasers, and 80 fighters. It should be significantly weaker than even a VSD, maybe something like a Arquintans, but with high carrier capacity.

The V-Wing

The V-Wing was one of the main combat star fighters used by the Republic towards the end of the Clone Wars. This light fighter packed a major punch, with both shields and hyperdrive, as well a concussion missile launcher. It was fast though and maneuverable. An extremely deadly fighter, it severed as inspiration for both the TIE fighter and the A-Wing, an excellent way of showing how Imperial and Rebel ideals both grew out of the Old Republic. I think the V-Wing looks really great, its long been a favorite of mine, and would make a great fighter to compliment the more bomery ARC-170.


Secutor-class Star Destroyer

OK, this one is little weird. The Secutor is a large heavy, and rare, Star Destroyer class ship that was said to come in to use towards the end of the war. These heavy ships were 2.2 KM long, about twice that of an ISD and carried a ton of firepower and squadrons. It was a powerful enough ship class that it saw use in the Imperial Navy well past the Emperor’s death. So why give this kind of random ship to the Republic? Well, I think it would help make the faction stand out. Give them the largest non-SSD ship in the game, suddenly makes them an interesting beast. The whole faction could then be based around heavy ships and fighter. Moreover the Secutor’s look fits the faction.

Let us know what Republic ships you want to see, down in the comments! 


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