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Star Wars: Legion – Unboxing Han Solo, Boba Fett & More

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Oct 17 2018

It’s Han Solo and the Rebel Commandos vs Boba Fett and the Scout Troopers – who’s got the best band name? But more importantly what’s in their respective boxes?! Time to find out!

While I’m not a fan of Boba Fett (due to his lameness at the death of a blind Han in Return of the Jedi – which is canon, and no I don’t count any of the EU books) I still have to say Boba Fett and the Scout Troopers is much better band name. Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s look inside their brand new expansions for Star Wars: Legion!

This was a pretty great release from FFG. Han and the Commandos really bring some great tools to the table and the Imperial release is a dark-sided mirror of them. One notable difference is that Boba Fett is a new type of unit. As an Operative, he functions similar to a Commander and even brings some new order cards. However, he doesn’t really activate or buff friendly units like other ‘Commander’ types do. That’s not bad thing – he packs quite the punch regardless!

Image taken shortly before Boba Fett was devoured by the Sarlacc Pit. Never to be seen again in the REAL Canon.

In the video Abe does a pretty in depth walk through of all the cards and units so I won’t repeat all that here. What I will say is that assembling all these models is a breeze. In the time it takes Abe to go over a unit’s stats, I was able to assemble each model. If I had used glue, they would have been completely finished and ready for the tabletop or the paint palette.

All four of these expansions do add some great stuff to the game. Each unit brings more options to their respective factions and helps open up more strategies and playstyles. The models look great and have some cool poses. I really liked Boba’s action pose (even if I think he’s a beaten by a blind Han Solo) and the Mon Calamari Sniper was a model Abe didn’t know he needed until he saw it. All of these kits are out in stores now – so recruit them to your Legions today!

Han Solo Commander Expansion $12.95



Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion $24.95

Boba Fett Operative Expansion $12.95

Scout Troopers Unit Expansion $24.95


And yes, Han DEFINITELY Shoots first with his Order Cards.


Author: Adam Harrison
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