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Warhammer Total War 2 – Cursed Pirates Of The Vampire Coast

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Oct 4 2018

Take a trip down to the coast, get some sun–though not too much, for the Vampire Coast is filled with undead and ancient treasures. See what horrors await you in Curse of the Vampire Coast.

Total War – Warhammer 2 is taking a nice seaside vacation now that summer is over. Head on down to the Vampire Coast where the infamous Luthor Harkon has laid claim to a swath of Lustria, eager to seek out the lost relics of the ancient Lizardmen. Armed with pistols, zombies, pirates, and giant crab monsters what swim up from untold depths, the Curse of the Vampire Coast brings the terror and turmoil of the High Seas to the World-That-Was once again. Featuring a new campaign, four new legendary lords, new mechanics, maps, quests and then some, Curse of the Vampire Coast expands the scope of Total War – Warhammer 2.

via Creative Assembly

Night falls on Lustria. As you stand on the dock and peer seawards through the gathering mists, strain your ears. The jungle sounds behind you fade, and in their place comes a wet thudding, as of rotten rigging against a mouldy mast. The sound multiplies, and with it the groan of a thousand breathless voices, joined in something part-shanty, part-dirge. Dread prows pierce the gloom ahead, and the ghastly truth is laid bare: upon the ghoul-winds come the swollen hulks and decaying vessels of the Vampire Coast! Run now – run hard and fast, for it is all you can do.

It was the undying lord Luthor Harkon that laid claim to this stretch of Lustria’s east coast. Ever since, it has been a domain where the dead stir, leading expeditions into the jungle interior or setting sail across the Great Ocean to commit wanton acts of piracy. But the insane Arch-Commodore Harkon is not the only unliving admiral who takes to the seas with pistol-armed crews of zombies, vampiric depth guard, syreens, and mournguls… there are other pirate lords who command dreadfleets of their own, packed to the gunwales with crews press-ganged into eternal service.

These tyrants ply the seas seeking plunder of blood and gold. However, now that the vortex of Ulthuan weakens, the captains search for more than mere treasure… for the Star-Metal Harpoon lies in the deeps, a weapon powerful enough to bring the greatest Merwyrm of them all to heel!


Now you’re probably wondering what exactly you’ll find in this expansion pack that’s giving off some serious “good parts of Pirates of the Caribbean vibes” well, wonder no more…

The Curse of the Vampire Coast Campaign Pack contains:

  • 4 new Legendary Lords
  • New Lore of Magic: The Lore of the Deep
  • New roster: command towering constructs, ghastly pincered sea-beasts, ghoulish horrors and musket-wielding piratical zombie hordes in battle!
  • A suite of all-new campaign mechanics:
    • Treasure Maps: Find treasure maps and dig for booty
    • Ship Building: Upgrade each Legendary Lord’s unique ship
    • Infamy: Rule the waves to become the most infamous pirate of all
    • Pirate Coves: Establish hidden enclaves in your enemies settlements
    • Fleet Offices: Reward your undead Admirals with positions of power to improve their loyalty
    • Pieces of Eight: Sail the seas to unlock eight new Regiments of Renown
  • New battle mechanics:
    • More Powder: Use your Heroes to keep your gun-lines topped up with ammo
    • Extra Powder: While black powder is plentiful, each unit will benefit from a variety of missile-related buffs

See you down on the coast…


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