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Star Wars: X-Wing – Lando’s Millennium Falcon Unboxed

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Oct 4 2018

Join us as we take a look inside the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy – It’s Lando’s Millennium Falcon for Star Wars: X-Wing!

The Millennium Falcon didn’t always look like it belonged in a scrap heap. Lando’s version has a lot of really clean lines, a fresh coat of paint, and a secondary ship attached to the front as well!

The ship is a beautiful model to start. It is physically different from the classic version and it’s also different from the Rey/Finn Falcon, too. As mentioned, it DOES have an escape pod/secondary ship on the front of the nose and it’s a little tricky to take off the first time. Be careful with that front peg! While the first “removal” can be a little tight, once it’s off, it should slide off easily from there on out. I think this might be due to dried paint or something else in the manufacturing process. I noticed the same thing when we unboxed the new Fang Fighter.

As for the contents, well, we’ve gone over that before and it’s also all in the video. But in case you’re wondering this is a ship for Scum and Villainy. It’s got a Gunner version of Han Solo vs a passenger. It’s also got a few other characters from the Solo Movie included as well which I thought was a nice touch. Of course you’ll get all the different pilots (for both ships), upgrades, dials, tokens, and all the other extras for this ship.

Lando’s Millennium Falcon is a great addition to the Scum Faction and to the game overall. It really does help round out some rough spots and adds some style as well. I’m a fan of this ship and can’t wait to take it for a spin around the tabletop!

Lando’s Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack $39.95


From its first appearance, blasting its way out of Mos Eisley spaceport in A New Hope to its triumphant arrival at the Battle of Crait in The Last Jedi, the Millennium Falcon has been an iconic part of the Star Wars saga, transporting us and our heroes to many of the fantastic worlds of a galaxy far, far away. But long before Han Solo owned the Millennium Falcon and made his own brand of special modifications to the ship, it belonged to infamous gambler and smuggler Lando Calrissian. With the Lando’s Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack, you can relive these exploits while adding this iconic ship to your Scum and Villainy squadron.

The Lando’s Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack contains a fully-assembled, pre-painted customized YT-1300 light freighter miniature, including a detachable Escape Craft miniature that can be piloted as a separate ship. In addition to these miniatures, you’ll find eight ship cards featuring classic characters like Han Solo alongside new faces like the droid revolutionary L3-37, as well as thirteen upgrade cards to further customize your version of the Falcon or your other second edition ships. Rounding out the pack are all the tokens, bases, and maneuver dials you need to add the Falcon and its Escape Craft to your squadron.


Everything you’ve heard about me is true. – Lando Calrissian


Author: Adam Harrison
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