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40K: Black Legion Rising – What Abaddon Needs

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Feb 22


Black Blow Fly here to discuss one of my favorite factions – Chaos Marines and my favorite villains – Abaddon’s Black Legion.

A Quick Sigmarite Aside

I would like to start my discussion about the Age of Sigmar (AoS)… if you enjoy playing Warhammer 40k I strongly suggest you investigate AoS. I am convinced the same people who write rules for AoS write rules for 40k… it’s all about the hordes and the super wombo combos. AoS is totally over the top in every way but more balanced and inherently better designed – the raw passion is there.

Don’t get me wrong though I love 40k – it is my game but you can learn so much from the fantasy side from a rules perspective and the future of 40k. AoS is all about monsters on a large scale now and each new faction is more powerful… total codex creep on a cosmic level now but like I said still more balanced which is hard to believe looking from the outside.

There is a lot that 40K can learn from Age of Sigmar – truly!

Chaos Needs a BIG Boost

Chaos Space Marines are next in line for some if you watched the LVO preview you know it’s true too. The evil side of 40k desperately needs a boost which if done well could help to bring back some semblance of external balance… a host of new models revamping along with new rules.

Black Legion is on deck so let’s see what happens. Nothing is holy nor sacred any more. Abbadon is ready to rock and roll again. Black Legion was my first 40k army for Eighth Edition and I didn’t run any gimmicks either. I predict some major changes which is what we all need. The only constant change is change itself and I’m onboard with it too.

Black Legion need to be more powerful Summoners. Let’s give the army more ability to natively interact with Daemons without having to overtly rely on the Allying Codex Daemons.

Black Legion need new powerful stratagems. The early 8h Edition Strats for CSMs just don’t hold up in 2019. These need to be reworked and made more effective.

Black Legion need to return to a powerful mono faction. Let the Black Legion be feared again, and not have to serve as a brittle framework taken from multiple Chaos factions. Abaddon weeps at the current state of affairs.


Black Legion need powerful buffing characters. It’s 2019 so let’s add the overlapping aura effects that seem so common in armies these days.

BONUS: Black Legion Should be the bitterest. Horus is dead and Abaddon has a belly full of hatred and betrayal from everyone around him. You could return the Black Legion to being extra bitter and hating not only loyalists, but all fellow CSM chapters.

40K Needs Strong Villains

CSM were strong in the beginning too but not so much now. I hope to see a totally new approach that to a degree breaks the game and totally destroys the current meta. 40k needs an enema in a big way too a really big one.

~What do you think the CSM book most needs?

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