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40K Guess Who the Best Bikers Are in 40K?!

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Feb 27 2019

With Chaos Marines getting what looks like a full refresh – EXCEPT for bikers, it’s time to look at this fast set of minis and find who’s really the king of the bikers.

GW really likes the concept of military units riding around on battlefields on motorcycles. Sure the game was invented in the 90s, but in 2019, it does seem a little quaint. Let’s go over the various units and where GW has left them in overall power level and utility. In general it looks like in 40K there are two types of units – under-costed TROOPS that are taken above all else to fill in Detachment slots, super lethal units, and everything else that is ignored.

Marine Bikers

Yup, these guys aren’t going anywhere as 25pts apiece for a Fast Attack choice, and I can’t remember the last time I saw an Attack Bike on the tabletop.

Scout Bikers

Just like the Marines bikes but 2 points less with one worse save.  That’s not gonna cut it.


Dark Angel Black Knights

46 points a model wont make up for their deadlier weapon and assault options. You can just about get 10 Cultists for that! The bikes are so fancy looking though!

CSM Bikers

I’m not seeing a single GW teaser saying these guys are getting redone… that’s a bad sign. Maybe one day Doomrider will return!

Ork Bikerz / Nob Bikerz


Nob bikerz can still bring some serious pain and have a lot of Strategem and Clan tricks to get to where they can get stuck in. Not bad!

Eldar Windriders

It’s hard to beat, fast, cheap and well armed. There’s a reason Windriders still see common use on the tabletop.

Custodes Jetbikes

Vertus Praetors are tough as nails and can do some solid killing in both the shooing AND assault phase. Still they are overshadowed by the now limited Shield Captains on Jetbikes. Decent choice.

Necron Tomb blades


Actually not too bad – giving the Dynasties a fast maneuver element, for a decent point cost. But Necron armies always seem to run out of points on pricier items before these guys get included.


Atalan Jackals

They can appear out of nowhere and throw packs of dynamite before darting off to who knows where. Dirtbikes FTW!

Harlequin Skyweavers

These are 40pts apiece – and may be some of the cheaper more useful units in the Harlequin army.  That’s saying something. In a pure Harlequin list, the have a place, but in Aeldari-soup they never make the cut.

Drukhari Reavers

Again, not to bad for a pure Drukhari list. Fairly cheap, with shooting and assault options, and fast. But when was the last time you every saw anything outside of Archons, Ravagers, Venoms, Grotesques and Warriors on the table? Gorgeous models.


The Winners Are:

I’d say the 80’s Judge Dredd theme of massive hulking armored bikers is past it’s prime. 3rd place is a tie between the “heavies” of Nob Bikers and Custodes. they can get the job done, but will cost you a pretty penny. I’d give runners up to the Aeldari with generally useful bikers across all three factions, of Craftworld, Drukhari and Harlequins. All three aren’t amazing, but they are solid reliable choices that won’t break the points bank. But the champion goes to Genestealer Cult. It just goes to show you that no matter how much training and superior genetics you have – it’s hard to beat a dude with a dirtbike, dynamite and nothing left to lose.

Chuck Norris (Jackal Alphus) would be proud!

~Who do you think has the best bikers in the game?

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