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D&D Retro Corner: Dragonlance Adventures

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Feb 25 2019

Dragonlance is a name that evokes memories of a world no one has ever been to, but many know by heart–come step inside the Saga of the Lance with Dragonlance Adventures.

Say the words Dragonlance around certain gamers, and you’ll watch them vanish into a reverie of arch characters, brooding (and definitely evil) heroes, epic sagas, and kenders. Gain some understanding about where it is they go by coming along with us through the world of Dragonlance Adventures.

Dragonlance Adventures collects the lore, world, and rules to help players dive into the world of Krynn. The world of the Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Winter Night, and Spring Dawning. It’s a world of powerful artifacts that can be forged by determined heroes–full of circles of Wizards, orders of Knights, and all the trappings you could hope for in a world with entire novels’ worth of lore. If you’ve never played or read Dragonlance before, this is a great introduction to that world.

And even if you’re playing a game of D&D set in a world vastly different from this one, there’s so much iconic stuff to dig through. From the three different wizard schools, goverend by three different wizard moons, to the archvillains and ancient liches and gods who want to seize the world for themselves–there’s a lot that’s very D&D about Dragonlance. And it all came about because the authors of a module decided to write some novels to characterize their world.

Which in turn led to the module eventually coming back out. Dragonlance has a feeling all its own–it’s not quite Tolkien, but it’s certainly reaching for it. The books don’t necessarily hold up as well as you might remember, but there’s somethig fantastic about all of them. So step back into the world of Krynn and get ready for a world full of Dragons, Lances, and Adventure.

We had an outro here, but Kenders stole it–so best of luck, friends!


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