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GW: What We Are Hoping To See At LVO 2019

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Feb 6 2019

We know that Games Workshop has some pretty cool stuff up their sleeve to show off at LVO 2019 – but here are a few of the things we’re hoping to see at their Studio Preview!

Games Workshop is going to host their Studio Preview at the Las Vegas Open Thursday night and we’re pretty pumped about it. We know that they have been planting some seeds that are leading up to this build up and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. There are bound to be a handful of previews and maybe even a big announcement or two along the way.

That said, we’ve got a few things we’re hoping to see at the big show and based on the direction things are going, we’re feeling pretty good about the odds of seeing these. And hey, it’s Vegas, so let’s make some predictions!

No Jambi, we said we HOPED not WISHED.

Vigilus Part Two

The clock is ticking. The 80 days are winding down rapidly and the battle for Vigilus is still going strong (from our point of view at least). Will we see teasers for the second part of the Vigilus campaign? And what about the other armies that didn’t get Specialist Detachments? Could those be in the mix? We’ll find out soon enough!

Abaddon 2.0

We’ve seen some hints and teases – but will the leader of the Black Legion be getting a new model? Oh PLEASE GW, we sure are hoping for one. And speaking of the Black Legion…

Codex: Black Legion


We’ve got some characters for the Black Legion spotted. We’ve got a look at a crazy Chaos Spider Engine. We’ve got updated Chaos Space Marines that need to be released (see Blackstone Fortress) – think about about: A new Black Legion Codex would be the PERFECT place to release all these updated CSM toys. Maybe the Black Legion will become the “Ultramarines” of Chaos and be the “Vanilla” chaos flavor. Perhaps we should start calling the Chocolate Chaos instead. Regardless, a new Black Legion Codex would be fantastic to see.

Slaanesh’s Return

This would be a great step forward for the Age of Sigmar story-line. The followers of Slaanesh have been searching for their lost god for a long time. We’ve been waiting to see an updated Keeper of Secrets for longer. Could Slaanesh make an appearance at LVO? Oh we sure hope so! And while this would obviously be a big boon for Age of Sigmar, the repercussions would reverberate into 40k with the obvious setup of…

The Emperor’s Children

You know what would go great with a new Keeper of Secrets kit? Another Daemon Primarch kit! Bring on Fulgrim in all his serpentine glory! And with it, maybe some more Slaaneshi Marines and Grimdark Dubstep guns. WubWubWubWub!

“Other” Game Updates

Necromunda, Adeptus Titanicus, Blood Bowl, Warhammer Quest – you know, all the OTHER Boxed Games. We are betting that GW has some news for those at LVO. We’re not sure what to expect, but maybe even a follow-up to Black Stone Fortress isn’t out of the question either. What about Kill Team and Warhammer Underworlds? Well…


Warhammer Underworlds Reveals


The Sylvaneth Warband still hasn’t been fully revealed yet and we’ve been wondering about that. And neither has the Kharadron Overlord Warband. Hmm…wonder where those are. Could they make an appearance? We sure hope so!

More Kill Team News

Kill Team Arena just launched and it’s looking like GW is taking steps to make it a competitive scene similar to Warhammer Underworlds. We might see some news that GW is wanting to build upon it’s Organized Play program even more now that they have an official set of tournament rules/missions/boards/terrain. Seriously, Kill Team Arena really is designed for that style of play and LVO could be a great place to announce that it’s getting more attention.

The Wild Card(s)

There is always SOMETHING that GW brings that is completely out of the blue. Whatever this year’s wild card is, it’s sure to be something that will change the game up even more in ways that we have yet to imagine. Which game will it change up – AoS or 40k? Could we see something as crazy as a Codex: Primaris Space Marines? Or what about the update to the AoS Slaves to Darkness Range – that is the final Malign Portent army that hasn’t been revealed after all.

But what if even these guesses are too obvious? The return of Squats? of Epic?! Why did they put that battle report from days of yore in the latest White Dwarf? Surely that didn’t plan that far out…or maybe they did.


What are you looking forward to with the big reaveal Thursday night? We’ll be keeping an eye on the seminar from the inside and we’ll let you know what we find out tomorrow!

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