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Privateer Press New Releases: Greylord Adjunct And Planet Eaters

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Feb 17 2019

Newly released this week from Privateer Press – the Greylord Adjunct trains Khadoran Arcanists to be the best around, while these Planet Eater forces will make you hunger for more.

Come take a look at the latest for Warmachine this week with the Khadoran Greylord. These arcane specialists are there to support your Warcaster in their time of need. And their time of need might be at hand when facing down the Planet Eater forces that are also out in this week’s new releases. Let’s take a look.

via Privateer Press

Greylord Adjunct – $13.99

The Greylords Covenant has long served the Khadoran Army by assisting in the detection and education of warcasters, knowing the best methods to unleash their arcane powers. Adjuncts are specially trained arcanists assigned to directly lend support to warcasters on the battlefield. In addition to their elemental mastery of cold, an adjunct can help sustain a warcaster’s powers, extend their reach, and unravel incoming mystical assaults.

Planet Eaters: Rozgor – $34.99

Those who thought they had seen the worst the Planet Eaters had to offer when they witnessed Gorghadra had yet to behold the terror brought by the one called Rogzor. This creature’s every action seems to defy known physics as it unleashes an unceasing barrage of annihilating energy from the web-like structures that unfold along its appendages. Its footsteps have changed the course of rivers, and its raw power has leveled mountains. It cannot be reasoned with or understood and seems motivated solely by the desire to bring about the utter disintegration of the Earth and its inhabitants, siphoning power from everything it turns to ash. Woe to any man, machine, or beast that stands in Rogzor’s path.

Harbinger Comet Shard – $16.99

Fragments of the Harbinger Comet broke off at regular intervals during its approach and subsequently survived reentry to impact in countless locations, including several deep within populated cities. Initially thought to be random, these strike locations are now seen as part of a deliberate pattern. Composed of alien materials, these structures are resistant to conventional weapons and contain within them slumbering forces awaiting the call to feast upon the world.


Check back for more Warmachine releases!

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