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Tabletop Spotlight | Monsterpocalypse New Releases

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Feb 13 2019

Adam and Michael take look at the latest releases coming to Privateer Press’s Monsterpocalypse for both G.U.A.R.D and Martian Menace factions!

Monsterpocalypse is a 2 player combat miniatures game which features not-so-mini miniatures. The goal of each player is to eliminate the other player’s monster, using their own monster and support units to aid them along the way.

This latest release adds new monsters and buildings to the G.U.A.R.D faction of the Protector agenda and the Martian Menace faction of the Destroyers agenda.

Martian Command Post$14.99 – Available Now

Proving they might have more interest in sticking around on Earth at least until every resource is consumed, the Martians have erected a number of peculiar command posts in urban regions. The interior activities of these are largely unknown, but it is suspected these buildings help coordinate invasion efforts utilizing quantum-based communications arrays.

Deimos-9$24.99 – Available Now

The enigmatic tripod walker craft known only as Deimos-9 would follow after the Ares Mothership and continue the process of harvesting resources while expeditiously dismantling Earth’s defenses. Impacting initially in a compact spherical form, it unfolded to reveal its long legs and extending manipulator appendages, proving it could swiftly cross any terrain as it focused on urban centers. Deimos-9 has shown the capability of reaping vast amounts of energy in minutes, and seems to prefer to prey on power plants, solar grids, and other high-energy locations. Its grappling manipulators and limbs are made of advanced Martian metals and polymers, being extremely strong and durable despite a fragile appearance.

Sky Sentinel$31.99 – Available Now

Sky Sentinel has earned a special place among G.U.A.R.D.’s defenders as being one of the first super mechs created to protect the Earth, one of two initial Liberty-class weapons platforms. After the tragic death of its counterpart, Laser Knight, Sky Sentinel stood alone for a time against those who would destroy the planet, taking advantage of its advanced mobility to rapidly redeploy from one theater to another. This revered super mech is exceptionally equipped to coordinate the efforts of strike fighters and rocket choppers in its vicinity, unleashing unparalleled concentrated firepower.


G.U.A.R.D. Defense Base$19.99 – Available Now

G.U.A.R.D. soldiers and pilots can’t be out fighting alien horrors every hour of the day, and the defense base is a place where they can coordinate their efforts, fill out necessary paperwork, and enjoy a bit of coffee before the next battle. As these bases are often deployed in forward regions, each is heavily fortified and during emergencies can activate a bunker mode where vulnerable segments are withdrawn, during which it can sustain considerable punishment.

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